Intuit has added new features to its iPhone app, Intuit Tax Online Mobile, including the ability for accountants to filter their client list and email PDF versions of tax returns to their clients securely.

According to a survey by Intuit’s Accounting Professionals Division last December, 34 percent of the 500 accountants surveyed said they find mobile applications useful for gaining access to files, fielding questions from clients and securely emailing tax returns to their clients while they’re on the go. Intuit has added these features to its mobile app.

As the result of improvements Intuit has made to the Software as a Service-based application, Intuit Tax Online, and the addition of the mobile app, the company said it has tripled the number of customers using it this tax season, compared to last year.

The mobile app allows accountants to securely access their clients’ tax information anywhere at any time. Tax accountants can use Intuit Tax Online Mobile to look up a client’s tax return and check on its electronic filing status.

“The mobile app has truly increased the value of Tax Online in my practice,” said Deon Jenkins, a tax accountant at Green Collar, a tax accounting, business strategy and e-commerce firm, in a statement. “Tax Online is an awesome product compared to other tax software packages I've used in the past. Tax Online has enabled my firm to be 100 percent remote and mobile.”

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