A new app, TaxDay, has been released that helps users stay tax compliant while traveling across state lines.

The app runs silently in the background of a user’s device, syncing to the GPS to track interstate travel. TaxDay sends push notifications regarding information such as tax deadlines, and also features a reporting interface and a database of all 50 states’ tax residency rules. Via the app, users can manage interstate travel records, attach receipts and generate a travel report. There are also permission settings to allow other people, such as an accountant or advisor, to access a user’s data.

TaxDay only tracks the state in which a user is located, not specific locations within a state. The app funnels the data into cloud storage so it can be accessed at any time.

“I own residences in different states, and traveled frequently for business when I worked for Major League Baseball—and I was personally audited twice when New York State challenged my Florida residency,” said Jonathan Mariner, founder and president of TaxDay. “Those experiences inspired me to develop the TaxDay app to make it simple to maintain accurate travel records, and keep track of tax-residency thresholds, while commuting between multiple tax jurisdictions.”