An Ohio woman is one of nearly 10,000 who have received letters from the Ohio Department of Taxation claiming they would receive eye-popping tax refunds in the mail.

Denise Bossetti of Huron, Ohio, received one such letter, promising to send her a check for $200 million because it was unable to directly deposit the sum. She quickly showed it to her boyfriend.

“I thought, ‘They are going to have a big negative when they cut that check,’” Bossetti told the Sandusky Register. “We had a big laugh. I kept saying to Charlie, ‘What’s it like to live with someone with $200 million?’ He said, ‘Let’s wait till we get the check.’”

The Ohio Department of Taxation admitted that it has sent approximately 9,700 letters to taxpayers advising them of the hugely exaggerated refunds.

Ohio is facing a projected budget deficit of approximately $8 billion.