Cloud accounting service Xero Inc. has signed a partnership with business productivity software developer Abukai Inc. that will enable customers from both companies to benefit from a direct integration between Abukai’s cloud-based expense report offering Abukai Expenses and Xero’s accounting and bookkeeping abilities.

Users of Abukai Expenses can take pictures of expense receipts with their smart phones and then submit them for processing. The product reads the receipt images, converts the data, and automatically enters the correct information into an expense report, organized in the appropriate accounts within Xero.

“I think they are a great add-on partner,” said Xero U.S. president Jamie Sutherland.  “[Abukai Expenses] integrates very well with us. They go a step further than a lot of expense solutions we’ve seen and provide a service where you can upload a very clear copy of a receipt with any mobile device and get an expense report back in any number of formats. You just take a photo of a receipt and the rest is taken care of.”

Sutherland noted that Xero does not have an exclusive relationship with Abukai and may consider other cloud expense reporting services, along with “other relevant add-on partners” for Xero users.

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