ZenPayroll Inc. has closed on a $6.1 million round of corporate and individual financing, enabling it to launch its new cloud-based payroll service.

The product is designed to enabling employers to quickly pay their employees using a connected device, while automating all payroll tax calculations and payments by providing direct deposit, and electronically filing all payroll-related government documents for employers.

Key features found in ZenPayroll include a dashboard view of all pending tasks and upcoming important dates; ability to run payroll; automated payroll tax filing and payments to the federal government; employee access to pay settings, paystubs and documents; benefits management: PTO tracking: track and report vacation and sick days; payroll history; new employee reporting; and ability to pay employees by direct deposit or check.

“ZenPayroll was founded with the belief that the underlying building blocks of payroll are inherently delightful; current payroll providers have squandered that potential by creating products that are difficult to use,” said ZenPayroll chief executive and co-founder Joshua Reeves. “By fundamentally re-thinking how payroll works with a focus on user experience, we are able to deliver delightful payroll that is easy-to-use, secure and saves businesses time and money.

For more information, visit https://zenpayroll.com