John P. Napolitano

Chairman & CEO

As chairman and CEO of U.S. Wealth Management, John Napolitano, CPA, PFS, CFP, RLP, is a practicing financial advisor with approximately three decades of experience, working with families and small businesses to provide proactive guidance to help them make sound financial decisions. Prior to founding U.S. Wealth Management, he led Napolitano & Co., an accounting firm serving small and midsized businesses as well as high-net-worth individuals. In 1992, he separated Napolitano & Co.’s wealth management operations from its accounting business, establishing U.S. Wealth Management as an independent firm. A well-known financial advisor, writer, instructor, broadcast commentator and noted authority on financial planning within the financial community, Napolitano holds a B.S. in Accounting from Bentley University, as well as an M.S. in Taxes from Bentley’s McCallum School of Business. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for Bentley University’s graduate programs in taxation and financial planning, and has been a member of the Board of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts for the past 10 years, serving as president in 2012 and as chairman for 2013.