AccuFund updates software, increases automation

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AccuFund, which provides accounting software for nonprofit and government organizations, has released version 6.03 of its Accounting Suite. The new iteration adds further automation during a time when manual processes are becoming less tolerated within organization and firm workflows.

“We are excited about these new enhancements because they continue to bring data transparency, accountability and analysis to the forefront,” said Ian Scotland, AccuFund vice president and general manager, in a statement. “AccuFund leads the way in transforming how organizations/entities can automate tasks and provide access to data; helping employees and managers serve their communities more effectively. As always, this is an ongoing collaborative effort involving our Resellers and valued customers.”

Nonprofits have a particular need for efficient software, often operating with thin cashflow, and complex regulation and compliance requirements. To read more about accountants' experience with AccuFund, see Accounting Today's case study from 2018.

Here are Accufund's new features:

Automation workbench
AccuFund's automation workbench enables data from all modules and sources to be used to automate tasks that previously were manual processes, such as calculating and emailing invoices, sending alerts to employees when tasks are due, providing text notifications when thresholds are reached, and allocating costs.
Employee portal access
AccuFund’s new browser-based employee portal access module gives more power and access to employees. The employee portal access module incorporates popular AccuFund modules such as requisitions, work orders and dashboards into the same portal employees use to enter timesheets and time off requests, offering a unified login to perform many tasks in the system. The employee portal access module also provides dashboards on any module, enabling the system to get key performance data into the hands of employees in a convenient manner.
Dashboard update
The updated dashboard component enables data to be displayed from any module within the system in a dashboard format, such as financial ratios and key performance indicators, and calculations can be performed on the data.
The AccuFund Accounting Suite Version 6.03 is available in both cloud (SaaS) and on-premise versions.