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AUDIT TOOLS: Ai Auditor (MindBridge Ai)
The Achilles’ heel of auditing has always been sampling — the inability to look at more than a portion of the information available to the auditor. Advances in artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics raise the possibility of incorporating more — and eventually all — of a company’s data into the audit, and for pioneering that, MindBridge Analytics’ Ai Auditor is a Top New Product this year. Users simply drop in a file and the platform checks it, then examines 100 percent of the data to create a comprehensive analysis and prioritize entries for investigation by the auditor, freeing them from countless hours of data manipulation and testing to focus on the areas where their judgment matters most.

Getting an Honorable Mention among audit tools is the TeamMate+ audit management platform from Wolters Kluwer, which brings innovative collaboration and risk assessment tools to internal audit and other assurance professionals.