Avalara offers inventory report for Amazon sellers

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Avalara now offers an inventory report for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellers.

FBA sellers move goods through the Amazon network, benefiting from the online marketplace’s distributed network of warehouses and vast system of logistics services. In recent months, however, as the U.S. Supreme Court re-examines the issue of taxes being collected for goods bought online, outside of a state’s jurisdiction, several states have increased their compliance enforcement efforts for remote sellers. Now, the benefits of the outsourced fulfillment network can introduce tax compliance risk for sellers.

Avalara’s new inventory report allows sellers to see where their goods have been stored within the Amazon fulfillment network, retroactively and on an ongoing basis.

The FBA Inventory Report allows sellers to:

  • View inventory locations within the network for FBA fulfillment centers, including the date when inventory first appeared in a center and the address of each center;
  • View the dollar value of monthly sales fulfilled from each center;
  • View state-level summaries to support nexus determination;
  • Determine if it meets thresholds that would require registration and compliance in each state; and
  • View ongoing monthly updates as Amazon adds new fulfillment centers.

“As states continue to tighten the tax compliance rules, the complexity for Amazon FBA sellers continues to increase,” said Kellie Zimmerman, vice president of sales for Avalara, in a statement. “To avoid audit risk, it’s never been more important for FBA sellers to have accurate data to make informed decisions about their compliance needs and requirements. With TrustFile and our FBA Report, Avalara is providing FBA Sellers with a 360, detailed view into where and when their goods flow through the fulfillment network, so each business can make informed decisions about its compliance needs and requirements.”

The Amazon FBA Inventory Report is available now as a part of Avalara TrustFile, a solution for preparing, filing and remitting sales tax. Avalara offers a 30-day trial for new TrustFile users.

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