BeachFleischman and GMLCPA create completely virtual firm

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BeachFleischman PC and GMLCPA PLLC have teamed up to create a virtual firm, MOD Ventures, that will service both firms’ outsourced accounting services clients going forward.

BeachFleischman is a Top 200 firm based in Tucson, Arizona, and GMLCPA is a smaller firm of nine staff also based in the region. GMLCPA was founded by Gabrielle Luoma, CPA, CGMA, who will serve as CEO of MOD Ventures.

“We were lucky enough to have an innovator living right here in our backyard,” Marc Fleischman, CEO of BeachFleischman, said of Luoma. “Gabby had already developed this idea of a virtual firm in the client accounting services area. So we twisted her arm and convinced her we couldn’t live without her and vice versa; we combined our clients and personnel, and we’re excited about the opportunities.”

MOD Ventures is short for “modern adventures,” Luoma said, embodying a new way to serve clients, totally virtually. The new firm will serve entrepreneurial and small-to-midsized business clients remotely all over the U.S. and internationally, and the stakeholders plan over time to expand the services provided beyond CAS, for clients who need help with multi-state and/or international ventures, financial forensics, succession planning, valuations and strategic services, and more.

MOD will also operate on a value pricing model. GMLCPA had already been using value pricing, and Fleischman said he was “ecstatic” about using this model through MOD, and expanding its use at BeachFleischman.

“With the advanced pricing model that we have, the idea is to take the client’s whole situation instead of compartmentalizing every little thing, and figure out the best way to service them,” Luoma said. “BeachFleischman has lot of skill sets and industry knowledge, and we can start looking at clients from a whole picture perspective and servicing them in many different directions.”

"Value based pricing is the wave of the future," Fleischman added. "It offers employees the opportunity to understand what is important to the client they're servicing. The client is looking for value. They care about finished product. Accountants can now become consultants, and really offer something to clients more than just compliance function. They can experience becoming a true entrepreneur."

At MOD, Luoma will lead a team of 18 professionals, all of whom will be tapped from either BeachFleischman or GMLCPA. The firm will offer a choice of service tiers with different pricing options, so that clients can decide which level works best to accomplish their goals.

Fleischman said in a statement, “We are excited about the incredible opportunities that emerging business models are bringing to our profession and we have a proven industry thought leader in Gabby Luoma, who will leverage the talents of our staff to help clients accomplish great things. MOD Ventures brings a significant amount of opportunity to our clients and staff alike, who value a nimble, cloud-based work environment that can deliver results.”

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