Big Bang ERP introduces SlackBot for NetSuite

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Big Bang ERP, a Montreal-based cloud business solutions consulting company, has released a customized SlackBot for online accounting and finance solution NetSuite.

The bot is built into the intracompany messenger app Slack. Within NetSuite, the bot is designed to push information between Slack and the ERP system in both directions, across devices.

Other departments besides finance and accounting for which SlackBot can be customized are sales, orders, procurement, project management and marketing.

SlackBot for NetSuite is available to Big Bang ERP customers for free.

“Not only will [SlackBot for NetSuite] will make people’s life easier while on the go, but it will also accommodate the new generations of employees who much prefer texting and working remotely,” said Mark Rhyman, co-CEO and chief business development officer at Big Bang ERP, in a statement.

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