Boomer Consulting to certify consultants

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Boomer Consulting Inc. is launching Boomer Certified Consultant Training, a year-long training program designed to teach accountants how to develop and deliver consulting and advisory services.

The program is open to partners, managers and directors at accounting firms. It will start with a three-and-a-half day workshop with other participants at the Boomer Accounting Innovation Center in Kansas City, followed by ongoing individual coaching and progress assessment.

“I think the profession is tired of being confused on how to transform from the compliance and advisory to true consulting,” Boomer director Jon Hubbard said, in a video announcing the program. “We created this program to lay out the path clearly.”

“Boomer Certified Consultant Training is teaching a complete skill set change, and a complete program and a process for how people can take their current knowledge and transform themselves into a skill set of truly serving their clients in a different way,” said Boomer Consulting president Sandra Wiley (pictured). “The program provides just that through foundational training and access to key tools. We’re thrilled to offer this new training — it breaks down the very barriers troubling our clients.”

“Combined with a professional’s current knowledge and strong understanding of their clients’ business, the advanced skill set they gain allows them to serve clients in new beneficial ways while growing their own bottom line,” she added. “It truly is an investment in their own firms’ future.”

The inaugural workshop will take place July 14-17; accountants can register and learn more here.

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