CBIZ promotes unified culture to compete for hires

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CBIZ, and its auditing firm Mayer Hoffman McCann, have been promoting a culture at their offices across the U.S. to attract accountants and other financial services professionals as the firm competes with the Big Four for talent.

“Building a common culture takes a concerted effort when we’re highly decentralized,” said Terri Bur, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at the Cleveland-based firm, which has over 100 offices. “The stake in the ground for us is our mission, vision and values. So many of the companies we acquire focus on people. Five values are important to us as an organization. First, we do the right thing. The second is our people matter. The third is, we are dedicated to the success of our clients. The fourth is we expect to win. The fifth is we are one CBIZ.”

About a decade ago, CBIZ launched a program called Great People, Great Place, or GP2, as a way to highlight its culture and entice new hires. As part of GP2, the firm launched a pilot program called CBIZ Young Professionals about two years ago that has expanded to approximately 150 members today.

“They focus on social and professional networking,” said Bur. “When young people join our organization, it gives them an opportunity to be with other young people in the early part of their careers. It includes charity, mentorship programs and ‘get to know your CEO’ when he’s in town.”

The Young Professionals group started in Kansas City, Missouri, and is being replicated in other offices in Tampa, Florida, and Phoenix, Arizona. “This organization is reaching out to some of our other offices and helping them form similar programs,” said Bur.

CBIZ has also been expanding its philanthropic efforts under the GP2 program, encouraging its staff to participate in local food drives and other charitable projects. Offices compete each year to give a name to the food drive. This year, it was named “Area 51 Invasion to End Hunger.”

“The goal is to give back,” said Bur. “We have friendly competitions between offices. It’s a way of bringing us all together.”

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