ConvergenceCoaching announces Fall 2018-2019 'Leadership Program' graduates

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Leadership and management consulting firm ConvergenceCoaching has announced its 2018-19 Fall Transformational Leadership Program graduating class.

The program hosts high-potential candidates from CPA firms who have completed ConvergenceCoaching's one-year program that helps "future leaders honestly identify their strengths and areas for improvement...and prepare to take on meaningful roles in leading and managing [their] firm," according to ConvergenceCoaching's site.

“The leaders in our Transformational Leadership Program inspire hope — for their firms, our profession and our collective futures," stated Tamera Loerzel, a partner at ConvergenceCoaching. "Participating in 360-feedback and taking 100 percent responsibility for their development and role as a leader in their firms takes courage and commitment. Through these leaders' own development and transformation, they drove change and produced new results in their team engagement, client experience, market strategy and improved efficiencies. We are excited for their future success and contributions to their firms!"

"At the start of my TLP journey, I underwent a revealing 360° assessment process that showed me how I am perceived as a leader," said Gray Coyner, TLP graduate and principal at Thompson Greenspon, in a statement. "I realized that being more compassionate and understanding where others are coming from helps me to better connect with coworkers and clients. Today, I'm more intentional about both listening to and caring about others' problems and concerns and working towards a mutually beneficial solution. In my TLP journey, I have become a more vulnerable leader which will help me be a stronger principal and asset to my firm as we strive to engage and retain a pipeline of future leaders."

The 2018-2019 Fall TLP Program graduates are:

  • Alejandra (Alex) Alonso, manager, Shepard Schwartz & Harris
  • Brian Aronson, manager, BerganKDV
  • Sean Blackwell, manager, Shepard Schwartz & Harris
  • Emily Brantz, firm administrator, ConvergenceCoaching LLC
  • Grace Cao, manager, Goldin Group LLC
  • Therese Cheevers, partner, Windes Inc.
  • Gray Coyner, principal, Thompson Greenspon
  • Benjamin DeForest, audit manager, O'Connor & Drew PC
  • Ralph Dovali, partner, Hancock & Dana PC
  • Melissa Ebbing, firm administrator, Woltman Group
  • Sarah Hillard, lead manager,
  • Lauren Holman, partner, Holman Frenia Allison PC
  • Tessa Jordan, partner, Nicola Yester & Company PC
  • Stephen Mestdagh, senior manager, EHTC
  • Robert Mikovsky, partner, Pease & Associates LLC
  • Christine Miller, partner, Janover LLC
  • Darko Naumoski, tax manager, WilkinGuttenplan CPAs & Advisors
  • Kate Olerich, manager, Shepard Schwartz & Harris
  • James Ortiz, senior manager, REDW LLC
  • Erica Parks, tax partner, Hancock & Dana, PC
  • Tom Pedersen, principal, WilkinGuttenplan CPAs & Advisors
  • Chris Pelland, audit manager, O'Connor & Drew PC
  • Dominic Rovano, partner, Janover LLC
  • Brendan Royster, manager, Shepard Schwartz & Harris
  • Niki Stehlik, manager, HBE LLP
  • Sherry Walters, manager, Shepard Schwartz & Harris

For more on the Transformational Leadership Program, head to ConvergenceCoaching's site here.

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