ConvergenceCoaching launches 2018 'Anytime, Anywhere' survey

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Leadership and management consulting firm ConvergenceCoaching has announced the launch of its 2018 Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey, which seeks feedback from firms on their use of flexible work practices.

Open through May 31, the survey asks members of public accounting firms to detail their utilization of remote work programs, in addition to the positives and negatives they have encountered with these modern initiatives. Once completed, participants will receive a Survey Results Summary by Oct. 15, 2018.

“Flexible work programs are super strategic for CPA firms,” stated Renee Moelders, consultant at ConvergenceCoaching. “Today’s talent are demanding flexibility around when and where their work gets done, and our Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey helps firm leaders understand what’s happening in the marketplace so they can keep progressing their own flex practices and stay competitive. Clients also demand more flexibility from their CPA firms, so it’s crucial that firms are able to deliver exceptional service from anywhere, at virtually any time.”

"Prior to launching our Anytime, Anywhere Work Survey in 2014, there wasn’t tangible data on the kind of flexible work programs CPA firms are offering,” said Jennifer Wilson, partner and co-founder at ConvergenceCoaching, per a statement. “Since that first survey, which shows firms in the early-adopter phase of flex, we’ve seen the profession evolve their mindset related to the workability of flex and innovate flexibility programs in new and exciting ways.”

For more information, head to the survey's site here.

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