Deadline for MP Elite submissions extended

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Due to extensive interest, Accounting Today is extending the deadline for submissions for its annual Managing Partner Elite list of top firm leaders to the end of the day Friday, Sept. 21.

The MP Elite report, which will be published in the October issue, identifies and profiles approximately a dozen of the best leaders of public accounting firms of all sizes across the country. In a series of portraits of the most successful managing partners from small, midsized and large firms, the list identifies the qualities and characteristics that make a cutting-edge leader.

Candidates are judged on a wide array of tangible and intangible criteria, including:

• Quantitative data on revenue and staff growth

• The growth and expansion strategies they have implemented

• Their leadership in building talented, dedicated staffs

• Innovation in service lines, practice management, and client service

• Adoption and promotion of cutting-edge technology.

Candidates for the MP Elite must fulfill the role of firm leader, whatever their title -- managing partner, managing shareholder, chief executive, president, etc. -- of a U.S.-based public accounting firm with at least 15 staff members, and must have been in their position for at least four years.

In addition, previous members of the MP Elite list are not eligible for consideration for the next three years.

To be considered, candidates must send their answers to ALL of the questions listed below, either in the body of an e-mail or in an attached file, along with a 300-dpi photo of the candidate, to The deadline for submissions is now Sept. 21, 2018.

For further information on the submission process, contact the e-mail above, or call (212) 803-8857. You can also see last year’s MP Elite list below:

The sixth edition of Accounting Today's annual report highlights eight outstanding accounting firm leaders.
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Please note that ALL questions must be answered.

1. Candidate name:

2. Candidate title:

3. Firm name:

4. Headquarters location:

5. Total number of employees:

6. How long have you served as managing partner or chief executive? (In case of mergers, please include your tenure as MP or chief executive of predecessor firms.)

7. How long have you been with your firm overall?

8. How much has your firm grown its revenue during your tenure as MP (as a percent)?

9. How much has your staff grown during your tenure as MP (as a percent)?

10. What is your firm’s average staff turnover during your tenure as MP (as a percent)?

11. How many physical offices did your firm have when you became MP?

12. How many does it have now?

13. Does your firm have a formal strategic plan? If it does, how long has it been in place, and who was responsible for creating it?

14. Do you have a succession plan in place? If you do, tell us how long it has been in place, and please describe it briefly.

15. Has your firm completed any mergers or acquisitions during your tenure? If yes, please indicate how many, and which firms were involved.

16. Has your firm expanded geographically during your tenure (other than through mergers)? If you have, please briefly describe where and why.

17. Has your firm added any practice areas during your tenure? If you have, please briefly describe them, and when they were launched.

18. What advances in technology has your firm implemented during your tenure?

19. What personnel and retention policies have you implemented during your tenure?

20.  Please list any awards that your firm has won (including Best Places to Work awards):

21. Please list any professional awards that you have won:

22. Please briefly outline your professional career (or attach a CV/resume):

23. Finally, please tell us what you think makes you stand out as a managing partner?

Please provide an e-mail address and phone number, in case we need to follow up, along with a 300-dpi digital photo of the candidate. A version of this submission form in Word format is available; e-mail

Please note that final responses are due by the end of the day on Sept. 21, 2018.

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