Deloitte deal makes Tax Analysts’ law library public

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Deloitte Tax LLP has entered a deal with Tax Analysts, publisher of the Tax Notes product portfolio, to make the nonprofit’s federal tax law library available to the public.

“It has become increasingly challenging for many in the tax profession to find content when they are looking for it,” said Chuck Kosal, chief transformation officer at Deloitte Tax. “The ability to access current federal tax law required a time-consuming approach of cobbling together information from a variety of sources.”

In 1972, Tax Analysts obtained public access to IRS private letter rulings and technical advice memoranda, and has continued ever since to gain access to guidance documents. The library is part of a suite of daily tax news, analysis, research and reference tools.

"Fundamentally, we believe that every U.S. taxpayer should have access to current tax law," said Banks Edwards, managing partner of Washington national tax at Deloitte Tax, in a statement. "We are thrilled that our effort with Tax Analysts not only supports their larger effort to bring transparency to tax policy issues, but it also helps alleviate a real pain point for those who have struggled to easily access the most recent tax laws and the Treasury Department's interpretation of them."

Visitors to the site can now access details about the federal code, regulations and other primary source documents; rules for lawyers, accountants and others practicing before the IRS; Treasury decisions, IRS guidance and private rulings; court and legislative documents; and public comments on regulations and rate tables, among other information.

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