Product News: A new e-check app for QBO

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Deluxe Corporation creates e-check app for QBO

Deluxe Corp., a check printing company that also provides small-business branding services like website building and logo design, has released a new free app for QuickBooks Online. The app allows users to write e-checks the same way they create paper checks, but online. These e-checks are not the same as Intuit's existing electronic checks functionality, which are actually ACH transfers. With e-checks, check writers don’t need to know anything about the payees’ banking info except their email address. Deluxe e-checks are delivered by email and are bank-agnostic. The Deluxe e-checks app is not available in the QBO app store, but is a third party add-on. For more information, visit the Deluxe site.

AuditBoard software now integrates with Microsoft Online

AuditBoard’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and audit management software now integrates with Microsoft Online. With this integration, audit teams can work collaboratively on workpapers and have files and changes saved automatically to the AuditBoard application. Current AuditBoard users with a Microsoft Office 365 license can now take advantage of the following features:

  • Collaborate with team members in real-time. Multiple users can simultaneously edit the same document.
  • Preview documents within the AuditBoard app. Preview any Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, Visio, and Powerpoint) before editing -- this applies to users without a Microsoft license, as well.
  • Edit and see changes saved instantly. Open and edit documents from within the application, and any changes will be automatically saved back to the original AuditBoard file.

Tungsten Network releases new payment receipt solution in Mexico

Payments solutions provider Tungsten Network has expanded its service offering in Mexico to include processing and delivery of payment receipts. Mexico is the world’s first mandatory e-invoicing market, having instituted a requirement in 2011 for all business-to-business and business-to-government transactions in the country to be handled electronically, in a bid to reduce inefficiencies and combat fraud. All invoices raised in Mexico must be filed digitally in a pre-specified format called a Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet (CFDI). Tungsten Network customers in Mexico can now submit payment receipts in the required CFDI format. Tungsten Network validates the document, matching it against the invoices previously issued by the customer, and delivers the result to the recipient. Payment receipt CFDIs are archived compliantly, with the entire process taking place within the Tungsten Network portal.

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