Doc.It debuts new software for productivity, risk management

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Doc.It, which makes document management, workflow, document storage and web portal products for accounting firms, has introduced two new software products for productivity and risk management called Doc.It Explore and Doc.It Connect.

Doc.It Explore is a document management system for firms seeking to reduce paper-based activities and realize the benefits of digital document management, without a complex system implementation. Explore offers optical character recognition (OCR) and scanning, document check-in/check-out, and work binders to help work teams get organized. The software also features a PDF to let accountants annotate, bookmark, merge, link pages, append and highlight documents in a user-friendly work area.

Doc.It Connect is a web portal designed for firms offering tax, accounting, bookkeeping or insolvency services who want to enhance client relationships and improve productivity. Connect is meant to allow firms and their clients to share, sign and manage financial statements, tax returns, invoices and other documents. The Doc.It file structure organizes files by authorized users, and also integrates Docusign eSignature to provide a compliant signature process.

“Working with a wide variety of firms, day in and day out, we have learned that a firm’s document management needs will depend in large part on the size of the firm, the services they offer, and their business goals,” said Kevin Murray, president of Doc.It Inc., in a statement. “We designed Connect for those firms who are focused on improving speed and quality of service, who want to work with clients and partners in a more digital and secure fashion. Other firms we work with see the potential productivity gains of document management, but are not interested in a large-scale implementation project – they are busy serving clients. For these firms, Doc.It. Explore is a great choice to reduce paper, get organized, and realize the benefits of document management. The full featured PDF editor with accounting functionality is a workhorse that helps reduce the number of applications the firm needs to manage.”

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