Drucker & Scaccetti's redesign has staff 'Dancing in the Street'

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Philadelphia-area firm Drucker & Scaccetti recently announced that following an expansion of their headquarters and a redesign of their site and logo, the firm a produced a "Dancing in the Street" video of staff celebrating in the office and beyond.

“Our culture is so unique; you don’t come across a firm like ours every day,” stated co-founder and CEO, Jane Scaccetti. “The focus on our team as expert tax advisors and normal people who also like to have fun has been a cornerstone of the development of our culture.”

“Having fun is one of the pillars of our core values,” said Eric Elmore, marketing director, per a statement. “It’s important to the leadership of our firm to balance hard work and fun time. Few firms our size do it as well as we do.”

Drucker & Scaccetti is also known for their "Tax Warrior" creed, likening the firm's professionals to history's great warriors, being the "protector and advocate" for their clients.

For more on the firm and their redesign, head to Drucker & Scaccetti's site here. Check out their "Dancing in the Street" video below.

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