Etlworks offers an integrator for on-premise and cloud software

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Etlworks, founded in 2016, is now ready to release its core product: an out-of-the-box, cloud data integration tool called Etlworks Integrator.

Available now, Etlworks Integrator is built to support a range of configurable data integration scenarios. The system connects all data from a firm's cloud-based and on-premise software and is able to implement extra features requested by the customer, Etlworks says.

Etlworks provides data integration solutions including data export or import, data synchronization, cloud data backup, automation of processes and building or connecting to APIs.

“Integrator is a full-blown enterprise service bus, so users can easily build data integration APIs,” said Maksym Sherbinin, the co-founder and CEO of Etlworks, in statement. “It supports unique data integration scenarios, typically requiring a specialized set of tools and costing a fortune to implement.”

Firms interested in using Etlworks Integrator can choose from several available connectors, formats and built-in scenarios to create their own data integration flows, as well as access custom-built solutions based on request. Etlworks Integrator also comes with the "Explorer" tool -- a business analytics and data visualization add-on that supports exploring and visualizing any data, regardless of the format and location.

Etlworks Integrator is available in three pricing tiers: Startup, Business and Enterprise. The Startup and Business tiers can handle up to 100,000 records and 1 million records a day, respectively, with both tiers updating their backup/integration of data once an hour. The Enterprise version, which can handle up to 50 million records a day, updates once a minute and can also support unlimited users. All tiers come with unlimited connectors and standard support. Explorer is included for Business and Enterprise customers.

The Startup tier costs $250 per month (or $300 with Explorer); the Business tier is $500 per month; and the Enterprise tier starts at $750 a month.

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