Expensify introduces free vendor bill-pay

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Expensify, which makes expense automation software, has debuted a new offering for firms and businesses to pay vendors in a touch-free manner.

Vendors can send their invoices to an email address, where Expensify will automatically scan them, present them to the accounting and finance department for approval, and then cut the vendor a check automatically from the Expensify user’s business bank account, syncing the whole process with the user’s accounting software.

“A little known fact is that Expensify was never intended to be an expense reporting company: It was always intended to be a platform for all things accounts payable and receivable,” said David Barrett in a newsletter to customers. “Expenses, invoices, bills — they’re all slight variations on the same thing. But the variations are so slight, there’s really no reason to Frankenstein together a bunch of financial tools to cover all your needs: Expensify is a one-stop shop for everything you need to run your back office.”

The idea is that this allows users of Expensify to funnel all vendor bill payments through this one email channel, effectively making it feel like dealing with one vendor instead of many. The email address can be personalized to a firm or business such as yourdomain.com@expensify.cash.

For more information, visit https://use.expensify.com/preaccounting.

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