EY announces 'Future Work Now' program

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EY announced on Thursday the introduction of Future Work Now, a new service looking to help companies and business leaders develop staff more attuned to today's tech-focused work environments.

Future Work Now will offer leaders tools and methods to best manage change within all levels of their organizations and ensure future success as today's business landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

"Effective leadership in this technology-driven era of workforce and workplace change will require a complete rethinking of how people, culture and organizational strategies are managed," said George Brooks, EY Americas people advisory services leader, per a statement. "More than ever, employees want to find purpose and human connection at work. At the same time, we're seeing a continued shift to a gig economy and virtual workforce. Digital innovation and technology, like bots and artificial intelligence, are shifting the workplace dynamic – companies need to augment workers with automation to leverage the best of what humans and technology bring to the workplace."

"At the same time, businesses must work aggressively to adapt to keep their people and organizations engaged and inspired to do their best work in an increasingly competitive talent market," Brooks added.

Future Work Now's blueprint to transforming a business is through seven interconnected "levers": Collective Purpose; Global Digital Leadership; Teaming Ability; Mind Clarity; Performance and Rewards; Technology Experience; and Physical Environment. When working together, these seven factors will "unleash the dynamics necessary to fully understand address change," and "activate the individuals, teams and organization to meet the urgent demands to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace," according to EY.

For more on Future Work Now, head to EY's site here. The firm also offers a short video on the program on YouTube.

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