Fundbox creates plug-in for accounting software

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Fundbox, which makes small business credit and payment software, has forged integration partnerships with several small business solutions providers. Among them is the accounting software provider BillyApp, which now offers access to FundBox as a plug-in through its software.

The integration of Fundbox into a different software application is made possible with its new product Fuse, which allows app providers to add FundBox to their own solution via three lines of programming code.

The integration enables small business customers to access lines of credit within their own workflows.

“The ability to produce, track or manage invoices is vital for maintaining financial stability when you are a small business,” said Joshua Waldman, president and CEO of BillyApp, in a statement. “And while BillyApp can help our customers to streamline their invoicing processes, no one can control when an actual invoice will get paid. Invoices with net terms are great reminders but not a guarantee of payment. Now, when one of our customers is experiencing a cash flow gap due to late payments, they can conveniently access Fundbox if they need a quick cash injection, right inside our app. Fundbox has given us the ability to provide a great new service right when our customers are thinking about their cash flow the most.”

BillyApp is online accounting software tailored to entrepreneurs. It is free to use (with a paid premium option) and allows users to create personalized invoices, emailed to clients from within the app.

Fuse is a "light" integration, according to Fundbox, that allows app partners to display Fuse in their software as a button. When the business owner clicks on the “Get Business Credit” button, a panel opens from the right side of their screen. They can learn about Fundbox and apply for funding inside this panel without leaving their workflow. When they’re done, the panel closes and they go back to working inside the partner’s solution again. If approved, the customer can draw funds by clicking on the same button they used to apply.

Other software that now offers the Fundbox plug-in:

  • And Co, recently acquired by the online freelancer-for-hire marketplace Fiverr, provides freelancers and small businesses contract templates, invoicing, time tracking, expensing and task management solutions.
  • Bookly, an online bookkeeping service designed for small business owners. The software service pairs the user with a dedicated bookkeeper, and it integrates user bank and credit card accounts as well. Bookly bookkeeping teams help keep customers’ financials up to date, payroll delivered, and taxes filed.
  • Knowify, an industry-specific productivity and data visual platform for construction contractors.
  • Paid, an accounts receivable API that can be integrated into accounting software.

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