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For many stressed-out accountants, their best option for getting away and blowing off steam is the office parking lot. But some top workplaces in the profession are giving staff a place of their own inside to relax and recharge.

While many firms have break rooms and lunchrooms, some firms take the concept to a whole new level, creating a real space apart where employees can escape the pressures of work for a bit.

Nebraska-based Best Firm to Work For Lutz, for instance, has a game room with full-sized shuffleboard, darts, video games and a foosball table. “A great place to build relationships and let off some steam!” the firm reported.

In St. Louis, Best Firm Anders also has a shuffleboard table in its lunchroom (which it calls “Nest”) – as well as a bar that is open for in-house events.

And Texas’ ATKG combines a ping-pong table and an “incredible” great room with surround-sound speakers and a 90-inch television to create “a recipe for ‘immediate de-stress.’”

Not all of these spaces are about fun and games – some take a more measured approach. In Kansas, Best Firm Allen, Gibbs & Houlik’s dedicated relaxation room “offers a quiet place to de-stress, including a massage chair, heated blanket, essential oils, music, and books for those who need a respite.”

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