IMA members' salaries on the rise

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Overall salaries and compensation for management accountants in the U.S. rose for the first time in three years, according to the annual Global Salary Survey released by the Institute of Management Accountants on Monday.

The median base salary for U.S. members of the IMA in 2019 rose 6.4 percent from 2018, to $100,000, while median total compensation rose 5.7 percent, to $107,817.

While those figures represent an increase from 2018, they have still not regained the recent highs of 2015. At the same time, overall job satisfaction among respondents in the U.S. decreased slightly, with 74 percent saying they loved their jobs, down from 2018.

The global survey is based on responses from 4,463 IMA members in 80 different countries, with an equal amount of female and male respondents; approximately 1,200 respondents were from the U.S. Just over half, 53 percent, hold the CMA credential issued by the institute.

Salaries and total compensation among respondents also increased across the Americas, in Europe, and in the Middle East, Africa and India region. They declined slightly in Asia.

Over 60 percent of the CMAs polled believe the certification prepares them for a management-level position. The majority of those respondents in top management and senior management are CMAs (62 percent and 61 percent, respectively).

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