IRS adds more countries to information exchange lists

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The Internal Revenue Service issued a revenue procedure Tuesday adding one country, Georgia, a former Soviet republic that’s located between Europe and Asia, to the list of countries with which the U.S. has in force an information exchange agreement so that interest paid to the residents of those jurisdictions must be reported by payors.

Revenue Procedure 2019-23 adds Georgia to the list of countries as required under the Nonresident Alien Deposit Interest Regulations.

The revenue procedure also adds two other jurisdictions — Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean island, and Cyprus, an island republic in the East Mediterranean, to the list of jurisdictions with which the Treasury and the IRS have decided that it’s appropriate to have an automatic exchange relationship with respect to bank deposit interest income information under those regulatory provisions.

The revenue procedure also includes a list of the other jurisdictions where the deposit interest reporting requirement applies, along with a list of jurisdictions where the Treasury and the IRS have determined that automatic exchange of deposit information is appropriate.

The regulations go back to 2012 and have been updated over the years in an effort to discourage people and businesses from hiding their income in jurisdictions where they can avoid paying taxes.

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