Liscio introduces app for front-office functions

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Client engagement software developer Liscio has released a new app called FrontDesk that tackles traditionally paper-based front-office tasks like updating client demographic information or collecting signatures for engagement letters or document pick up.

The app is a companion to Liscio's broader client experience platform, which was launched by industry thought leader Darren Root and his team at firm membership organization Rootworks in mid-2017. Key features of the new app include the ability to create an electronic, time-stamped audit trail of front-desk activity, and the ability to offer a proactive way to alert clients of missing information or outstanding tasks while they are still in the office.

The app costs $99 a month, with a 20 percent discount for Rootworks members. The monthly fee allows app usage on unlimited iPad devices.

“Liscio was developed with the mission of taking the friction out of client interactions to help firms deliver unprecedented client service,” said Meredith Root Elmore, chief experience officer at Liscio, in a statement. “With this same mission in mind, we developed FrontDesk, which moves firms a big step forward in modernizing and digitizing their businesses end to end.”

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