Mavenlink releases tool to connect all apps within a firm

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Mavenlink, which makes cloud-based project management software, has introduced a new integration product for firms that allows them to integrate any app with their operational system of record.

The tool, called Mavenlink M-Bridge, is open API (application program interface), which makes it possible to be modified to work with any app. This will allow firms to minimize the siloing of software solutions, and consequently automate tasks that previously could not have been automated, like the transfer of data from one app to another.

M-Bridge comes with prebuilt integrations with certain apps. Its management console provides one place to manage all apps a firm chooses to connect, so there is no need to switch back and forth between apps. The dashboard also allows administrators to manage underlying integration flows and other aspects of the integrations.

The platform offers a set of developer tools to make it easy to set up the type of environment desired by a firm. For instance, there is an interactive API usage catalog, and a digital style guide for user interface design. Users can create integrations with reusable components, and build connectors with endpoints in Mavenlink.

Mavenlink’s OpenAPI extends the platform by allowing end users to build applications with their preferred coding language. By taking an API-first design approach to its platform, users can build apps and integrations that connect with almost any endpoint in Mavenlink, the company claims.

“With the speed and complexity of services work today, it is increasingly challenging to operate within a fragmented business environment,” said Roger Neel, chief technology officer and co-founder of Mavenlink. “Many firms today have deployed a sea of applications in an attempt to propel their business, and in the process they’ve created a significant number of gaps in databases, processes and systems which are actually slowing the business down. With Mavenlink M-Bridge, services organizations are able to eliminate silos, streamline processes, and operate with greater business agility.”

Mavenlink M-Bridge is available to Mavenlink clients free of charge today. Usage fees do apply for most available pre-built integrations; prices range depending on the nature of the integration and size of user base. Clients may take advantage of Mavenlink’s technical services team to build tailored integrations and extensions with any system. For more information on M-Bridge, visit

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