New Pramata analytics apps include revenue opportunity manager

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Pramata, which makes finance and sales management software, has released a new suite of artificially intelligent analytics apps.

Also new are visualization capabilities in the apps that display data in dashboards, graphs and charts.

Among the apps is the Revenue Opportunity Manager, designed to help customers maximize revenue and profit, and align pricing strategy based on financial terms in contracts. It supports reporting on contract non-performance to drive profitable renegotiations and renewals and gives visibility into rebate payment trends and sales volume trends. It also allows execution of accurate price increases (CPI, performance, and usage-based) and penalty assessments across the customer base, the company claims.

Other apps included in the Summer 2017 release are a Renewal Manager, which manages contract and job renewals and expirations; the M&A Integration Manager, which enables customers to use contract and transactional information to accelerate merger and acquisition integration; the Risk Scoring Manager, which helps customers quantify, measure and minimize risk in trading-partner relationships; and the Commitment and Entitlement Tracker, which allows customers to track performance of trading partners against operational metrics defined in contracts.

Separately, Pramata announced it will be moving its cloud operations to Amazon Web Services over the next few months.

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