Nexia, SC International Agree to Merger

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Accounting networks Nexia International and SC International have agreed to merge, forming the ninth largest association of accounting firms worldwide.

The combined networks will go by the name of Nexia International. The group will have 599 offices in 97 countries with more than 23,000 employees worldwide, and a combined fee income of over $2.2 billion. The merger is expected to be completed December 1.

One of the larger firms in the network will be J.H. Cohn, which does business primarily in the Northeast U.S. "The deal provides further international relationships for doing business overseas and helps middle-market clients," said Amy Koeppl, director of marketing at the firm.

Outside the U.S., the combined network has a large presence in Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, South Africa and Switzerland. About $1.78 billion of its combined fee income comes from outside the U.S.

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