RoseASP Offers iPhone Access to Dynamics

RoseASP has introduced an iPhone app version of myGPcloud Mobile, giving users access to their Microsoft Dynamics GP information through their smart phones.

RoseASP previously introduced a Windows Phone version of the app (see RoseASP Offers Windows Phone Access to Microsoft Dynamics). The company provides hosted access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data through its myGPcloud service.

iPhone users and customers of myGPcloud now have another way to access and create accounting transactions other than logging into their personal computers. Users will be able to view real-time company data, such as sales, cash, orders, receipts and payables due. These key performance indicators can be made available to specific users based upon security and roles within the myGPcloud ERP solution. All data is refreshed real-time as information is entered and posted into the accounting/ERP online system.

“Since we launched our initial mobile application on Windows 7 in February, we have had an increasing demand for users of iPhones to be able to access their data in myGPcloud” said RoseASP president Linda Rose. “Business owners and executives never stop thinking about their operations so the ability to access important financial data on mobile devices is critical as an ERP cloud solution. Creating an application for the iPhone community was another step in our evolution as an ERP cloud provider.”

The myGPcloud service includes all of the accounting, business-intelligence and financial-management features of Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as automated on-line provisioning, training videos and guides, template setups and technical support. Users can try out the service for one month, without cost, which includes full enterprise resource planning capabilities such as manufacturing, supply chain, professional services and not-for-profit modules. The myGPcloud application is available in two versions: Business Essentials (plus) and Advanced Management (plus), and is available in all English-speaking countries.

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