SAP Concur releases Budget software

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SAP Concur has released Budget, a tool to make budget data visible, real-time, and actionable.

Budget works by taking data from SAP Concur solutions, including Expense, Invoice, Purchase Request and Travel Request, to create a dashboard for spend before and after it occurs. The dashboard is designed to let managers see spending events unfold in real-time.

The idea, according to SAP Concur, is that this visibility helps employees make better decisions, which leads to better overall financials and strengthens the bottom line.

One key feature of the dashboard is to present data in a streamlined format, making it available across devices, and embedding budget insights directly into the point of expense or invoice approval.

Budget is also customizable for individual employee needs. Users can set their own predetermined limits on budget “buckets,” or auto-email alerts, when budget thresholds are reached. They can also set up personalized budget subcategories to track them in a more granular way.

Additionally, the software offers customizable budget approval workflows, user permissions and audit rules help maintain policy decisions across the organization.

Finally, SAP Concur Budget can be connected to other financial systems via a public application programming interface.

SAP Concur Budget is available now. For more information, visit

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