Surgent adds 'University Pass' to CPA Exam prep course

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CPA Exam prep course Surgent CPA Review announced this week a new addition to its cloud-based CPA Review platform, dubbed "University Pass."

University Pass will offer professors and students more education options, at no cost, including an online library of 350 video lectures, online textbooks, lecture notes, and thousands of multiple-choice questions and simulations. Educators will also be able to build more custom exams and assignments with topic-specific filters and time limits.

Surgent's prep course is built on their Adaptive Study and Accelerated Performance (A.S.A.P.) Technology, which focuses on a student's individual weaknesses to build a unique guide for them to prepare for the CPA Exam.

“I have long been in search of an academic solution to easily incorporate CPA Exam content into my accounting courses and provide assessment tools for accreditation,” said Elizabeth Kolar, vice president and co-founder of Surgent CPA Review, per a statement. “Most textbook publishers only offer limited samples of CPA Exam problems in their textbooks and software, and most CPA Review vendors offer limited, if any, access to sample questions and videos. Surgent’s University Pass is truly the only adaptive, cloud-based solution that offers easy access to a comprehensive database of CPA Exam content. I firmly believe that by exposing students to CPA Exam content in all accounting courses, professors and universities will see an improvement in pass rates on the CPA Exam.”

Surgent's review course also relies on their Learning Management Systems, which allows educators to transfer homework, grades, and other data to the system in order to track student progress.

“Unlike previous classroom options from other vendors, this solution freely allows professors to access full and complete content," stated Paul Wiese, senior business development director at Surgent. "Faculty love that they can assign specific questions based upon their discretion."

University Pass demos will be available at the 2017 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in San Diego August 5-9. Interested parties can contact Paul Wiese at for information.

Complimentary webinars for accounting educators will also be available on September 13 and September 26, with registration available here and here.

For more on Surgent, head to their site here.

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