Talk accounting app undergoes redesign

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Talk, the app that allows users to “speak” their financial transactions into a ledger, has undergone a user interface redesign to make it simpler to use.

Serial accounting technology entrepreneur KC Truby launched Talk last year to some success. The app gained approximately 100 users between its debut in August and now, according to Talk's marketing and social media strategist Azucena Calvo. However, comments about usability made the designers reevaluate Talk’s interface.

When signing up, users, which include business clients, would have to input a lot of information besides just name and email -- the app asked for company name, how many employees were in the company and other details. Calvo said that while this information was useful for Talk staff to know for marketing and strategic purposes, it was a deterrent for people signing up who would just give up halfway through. Now, the app just asks for name, email and password.

Talk is available in three tiers: Ledger, which provides basic transaction tracking; Link, which offers 10-year document storage, integration with QuickBooks and other upgraded features; and Enterprise, which offers complete workflow process capability and outsourced accounting services. For more information, click here.

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