In evolutionary theory, species evolve through multiple generations, so if there is no new generation, there is no change and growth.The current staffing crunch and the imminent retirement of the Baby Boomers represent significant challenges to the accounting profession's ability to change and grow. We asked the Top 100 Most Influential People how to handle them, both now and for the future.


Association for Accounting Marketing president Neil Fauerbach offered a simple solution to the current staff woes: "Pay them well and they will come."

But surprisingly few of the Top 100 were ready to start handing out cash; instead, they offered up a range of best practice strategies.

* Keep who you've got. "Retention is as important as attraction," noted tech guru L. Gary Boomer. Work/life balance in all its guises was the battle-cry here. BDO Seidman CEO Jack Weisbaum noted that flex programs and women's initiatives had "greatly reduced turnover" at his firm. Besides flexibility, though, firms need to offer more certainty: "Better-defined career ladders for the younger generation of CPAs, which will move them upward in the firm at a quicker pace, are imperative," said Brady Ware shareholder Rita Keller. Also, "We need to resist the temptation to work to death those we do have," said AICPA vice president Tom Ochsenschlager.

* Leverage technology. By implementing the latest and best technology, "Firms can do more with less staff," said CPA2Biz CEO Erik Asgeirsson. Better still, "Technology can also alleviate the exodus of women in the profession at top levels," said Thomson Tax & Accounting vice president Teresa Mackintosh, since remote access can make it easier to balance work and family.

* Find alternatives. Women were a major part of another solution that cropped up frequently: finding alternatives to the full-time staffer. "Women make up 60 percent of accounting graduates, yet 15 percent of partners," said consultant Gale Crosley, and firms need to attract and keep them with part-time work and alternative partner tracks.

Besides courting women, firms need to "redesign work assignments to provide flexibility and incentives for Baby Boomers to transition gradually into retirement," according to FASB Chairman Robert Attmore.

* Go global. Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting CEO Kevin Robert suggested accountants look for "viable candidates within some of the industries they currently serve," while others, like NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, want to go even further abroad to "expand the recruitment of qualified accounting professionals in other global locations."

* Change the work. If your firm finds itself with too much work and not enough staff, "Start outsourcing a significant percentage of your 1040s," said practice management expert Marc Rosenberg. In addition to sending work of all kinds abroad and taking low-skill or administrative work out of the hands of highly skilled professionals, "A short-term solution would be to cull unprofitable clients," said firm advisor August Aquila. "Firms would have less work, but do more profitable work."


The T100 also had some specific ideas to improve the long-term attractiveness of the profession.

* Fix the image. "The profession needs a modern-day facelift," said forensic accounting pioneer Bruce Dubinsky. "Lose the green eyeshade stereotype." Long hours and long columns of numbers, it seems, aren't selling points. "Clearly, we need to work hard to make sure that college students realize how exciting, challenging and relevant a career in accounting can be," said KPMG chair and CEO Timothy Flynn.

* Reach out earlier. "We have to reach new generations early, during their teen years, by partnering with high schools," said Nina Smith, president of the Business Management Division of Sage Software.

Early, vigorous outreach was deemed essential - and personal lobbying, too. "In conversations with my children's friends, I'm amazed to discover that most really don't understand what accounting is all about," said Plante & Moran chief William Hermann.

* Engage academia. One way to attract new generations of accountants, RSM McGladrey managing director Stuart Kessler noted, was through "inspiring faculty," and he called for more practicing CPAs to join accounting faculties.

National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts CEO Parnell Black noted, "Academia needs to keep pace with the changing landscape within the profession, which it is not doing." He was one of several T100 members who called for a revamp of the accounting curriculum to make it more relevant to the 21st century.

* Recommit to ethics. Finally, a number of people suggested that accounting rediscover its roots in integrity and its strong ethical foundation. "Our surveys and other information tell us that ethics and integrity are absolutely top of mind for new accounting professionals," said KPMG executive vice chair Sven Erik Holmes.


No one is suggesting that accounting is in danger. International Federation of Accountants CEO Ian Ball noted that, "From a global and a U.S. perspective, interest in the accountancy profession as a career is on the upswing."

But that doesn't mean firms can afford to be complacent when it comes to implementing the Top 100's advice. After all, evolution's results may be most visible at the level of the profession as a whole, but it's still composed of the change and growth of thousands of individual firms.


Executive chairman, Deloitte & Touche

Now in her second term as the highest-ranking woman in the Big Four, Allen has reached out beyond her firm to promote work/life balance and ethics in the profession, and higher education.

Career Highlights: Executive chairman, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, 2003-present; chair, Deloitte Foundation, 2003-present; joined, 1973.

Other Affiliations: Chair, Global Risk Management Committee, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu ... President's Export Council ... National Board, YMCA ... Women's Leadership Board & Executive Committee, JFK School of Government, Harvard ... Board, United Way of Greater Los Angeles.

Education: University of Idaho, 1973.

Personal: Born 1951, Kimberly, Idaho.


President and CEO, Aquila Global Advisors

The veteran M&A and practice development specialist recently co-authored Compensation as a Strategic Asset, a "how-to" for firms to align compensation with performance and initiatives.

Career Highlights: President, Aquila Global Advisors LLC, 1995-present ... CEO, Chantrey Capital Advisors, 2007-present ... Director, The Growth Partnership, 2003-2005 ... VP of M&A, American Express TBS, 1996-2003; VP, 1994-1996 ... Senior VP, Practice Development Institute, 1987-1994 ... Partner, Friedman, Eisenstein, Raemer & Schwartz, 1983-1994 ... Adjunct professor of marketing, DePaul University Graduate School of Business, 1980-1994 ... Director of marketing, Coopers & Lybrand (Chicago Group), 1979-1983.

Other Affiliations: Founding board member, AAM ... Author, Client at the Core; Compensation as a Strategic Asset ... Board, Anchor Bank.

Education: Indiana University, Ph.D ... DePaul University, MBA; BA.

Personal: Born 1946, Chicago ... Married to Emily Haliziw ... One daughter.


President and CEO, CPA2Biz

Having previously brought CPA2Biz to the point where it turns a profit, Asgeirsson this year was able to focus on giving the AICPA's Web portal a major revamp.

Career Highlights: CEO, CPA2Biz, 2002-present; VP of professional services, 2000-2002 ... To sales director, Business Services Division, AT&T, 1990-2000.

Other Affiliations: Board member, CPA2Biz ... National Peace Corps Association.

Education: Stern School of Business, New York University, MBA ... George Washington University, BS Electrical Engineering.

Personal: Born 1968, Falmouth, Mass. ... Married to Claudia.


Chairman, GASB

2007 has proved to be the most challenging year for Attmore since he took the helm of GASB three years ago, as his organization battled GAAP challenges from both Texas and Connecticut.

Career Highlights: Chairman, Governmental Accounting Standards Board, 2004-present ... President, Attmore & Associates LLC, 2003-2004 ... Deputy state comptroller, New York State, 1984-2003 ... Director of internal audit, New York State Office of Mental Health, 1979-1984 ... Audit manager, Deloitte Haskins & Sells, 1971-1979.

Other Affiliations: Trustee, Academy for Government Accountability ... Past president, National State Auditors Association ... Intergovernmental Audit Forum ... Past chair, N.Y./N.J. Audit Forum ... Advisory Council, U.S. Government Auditing Standards ... U.S. Comptroller General's Domestic Work Group ... AICPA.

Education: Villanova University, 1971, BS.

Personal: Born 1945, Kearny, N.J. ... Married ... One child.


Founder, VeraSage Institute

This value-pricing advocate continues his crusade against the billable hour and timesheets, helping firms capture more of the value they create.

Career Highlights: Founder, VeraSage Institute, 1998-present ... Instructor, California CPA Education Foundation, 1995-present ... Partner, Baker & Barnett CPAs, 1987-2003 ... Senior accountant, KPMG, 1984-1987.

Other Affiliations: California Society of CPAs ... AICPA Group of 100 ... Professional Pricing Society ... Author, Mind Over Matter (November 2007); Pricing on Purpose; Measure What Matters to Customers; Professional's Guide to Value Pricing, 6th Edition; The Firm of the Future; Burying the Billable Hour; Trashing the Timesheet ... Editorial Advisory Board, Smart Pros; Principia.

Education: San Francisco State University, 1984, BS Acctg. ... Santa Rosa Junior College, 1982, AA.

Personal: Born 1962, Santa Rosa, Calif. ... Single.



Now in his second term running IFAC, Ball plays a key role in developing standards, guidance and programs for accountants in 118 countries.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, International Federation of Accountants, 2002-present ... Principal, Public Sector Performance (New Zealand) Ltd., 1995-2002 ... Central financial controller, New Zealand Treasury, 1987-1994 ... Senior lecturer; head, Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Tasmania, 1981-1986 ... Professor of accounting and public policy, Victoria University; senior lecturer, 1976-1981.

Other Affiliations: International Accounting Standards Board Advisory Council; past chair, IFAC Public Sector Committee (now the IPSASB) ... New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants ... CPA Australia ... Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (U.K.).

Education: University of Birmingham, 1976, Ph.D ... Victoria University, 1969, Bachelor's of Commerce and Admin.; 1968, BCA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1948, Wellington, N.Z. ... Two children.


President, Professional

Software & Services, Thomson Tax & Accounting

Baron has positioned TTA to play a leadership role in tax prep and accounting software through acquisitions and technological innovations.

Career Highlights: President, Professional Software & Services, Thomson Tax & Accounting, 2006-present; executive VP and general manager, 2005-2006; executive VP, accounting market, 2004-2005; president and CEO, Thomson/Creative Solutions, 1998-2005; VP of product development, 1992-1998 ... VP, CCH, 1980-1992; director of tax processing, 1977-1980; tax review supervisor, 1975-1977.

Education: Boston University, 1982, MBA ... Siena College, 1974, BBA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1952, Colchester, Vt. ... Married to Betsy ... Four children.


Chair, CEO and president, 1st Global

The face of broker/dealer 1st Global, this one-time Andersen auditor currently oversees a financial network that includes roughly $13 billion in supervised assets and about 700 affiliated firms.

Career Highlights: Chairman, chief executive and president, 1st Global Inc., 1992-present ... VP, H.D. Vest Financial Services, 1987-1992 ... VP, Lincoln Property Co., 1985-1987 ... Audit manager, Arthur Andersen, 1979-1985.

Other Affiliations: Advisory Board, University of Kansas School of Business, School of Accounting and Information Technology ... Institute of Investment Management Consultants ... Institute of Certified Financial Analysts ... FPA ... Money Management Institute ... Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

Education: University of Kansas, 1979, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1956, Dodge City, Kan. ... Married to Vicki ... Two children ... Cancer survivor.



As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Baucus is responsible for drafting major tax legislation.

Career Highlights: U.S. Senate, 1978-present; chair, Finance Committee, 2007-present, 2001-2003; Joint Committee on Taxation; Subcommittee on Taxation and Oversight ... U.S. House of Representatives, 1974-1978 ... Montana State Legislature, 1973-1974 ... Executive director and committee coordinator, Montana Constitutional Convention, 1972 ... Law practice, 1971.

Education: Stanford University, 1967, law degree; 1964, BA.

Personal: Born 1941, Helena, Mont. ... Married to Wanda Minge ... One son.


President and CEO, Intuit

Though he's due to leave in December, Bennett's strategic and operational expertise has been critical to bolstering Intuit's position as one of the pre-eminent players in accounting software.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, Intuit Inc., 2000-present ... Executive VP, General Electric, 1999-2000; president and CEO, GE Capital E-Business, 1999; VP and general manager positions, 1989-1999; marketing manager, GE Supply Co., 1986-1989; manager, Los Angeles Region, 1983-1986; joined GE, 1977.

Other Affiliations: Board, Sun Microsystems.

Education: University of Wisconsin, 1976, BA.

Personal: Born 1954, Madison, Wis.


President, AccountantsWorld

Bhansali brings accountants online to collaborate with their clients through his accounting and practice development portal.

Career Highlights: President and co-founder, AccountantsWorld, 1999-present ... President and co-founder, Micro Vision Software Inc., 1986-2002 ... Manager, Perkin Elmer, 1980-1985.

Other Affiliations: IRS IRPAC ... CEO Club ... Will & Vision Foundation, IEEE ... ACM ... Board of Advisors, Infosys International.

Education: State University of New York, 1979, Ph.D ... Indian Institute of Science, 1970, MS ... MBM Engineering College, 1968, BE.

Personal: Born 1947, Jodhpur, India ... Married to Sharada (co-founder of AccountantsWorld) ... Two children.


Co-director, Deloitte Forensic Center

After years as head of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Bishop returned to public accounting last year to tackle fraud and spearhead Deloitte's new forensic think tank.

Career Highlights: Co-director, Deloitte Forensic Center, 2007-present; partner, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, 2006-present ... President and CEO, ACFE, 2002-2005 ... Partner, fraud research and development, Andersen, 1999-2002; partner, business fraud and investigation services, 1994-1998; manager, litigation services, 1987-1993; auditor, 1982-1986.

Other Affiliations: Regent emeritus, ACFE ... Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales ... Past president, Association of Chartered Accountants in the U.S. ... Anti-Fraud Task Force, AICPA/IIA/ACFE ... Board of Editors, Business Crimes Bulletin ... Audit Committee chair, Lambda Legal.

Education: Oxford University, 1985, MA; 1983, BA.

Personal: Born 1961, U.K. ... Spouse - Rev. Kevin L. Downer.



Among the niches that accountants are moving into, business valuation and litigation support are two of the hottest - and Black's 6,500-member NACVA is crucial in providing the profession the tools it needs to stand the heat.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, NACVA, 2002-present; president and CEO, 1995-2002 ... President and CEO, Black & Isom Associates, 1992-1995 ... Partner, Black/Green & Co. CPAs, 1989-1992 ... President, Parnell Black & Associates, 1985-1989 ... Senior program manager, Amembal & Isom Consulting, 1979-1985.

Other Affiliations: National Organization for Competency Assurance ... Board advisor, International Association of Consultants, Valuators and Analysts ... Family Firm Institute.

Education: University of Utah, 1981, MBA; 1979, BA Acctg./Finance.

Personal: Born 1954, Salt Lake City ... Married to Linda Melcher ... Two children.


CEO, Boomer Consulting

Boomer has spurred countless firms to adopt cutting-edge technology with his Boomer Technology Circles, while his Boomer Knowledge Network lets industry leaders share best practices online.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, Boomer Consulting Inc., 1996-present ... Partner, Varney & Associates, to 1996.

Other Affiliations: Board member, Kansas Society of CPAs; Sulgrave Regency ... The Advisory Board ... Past member, AICPA Council; past chair, IT Executive Committee ... Author, Performance3; The Boomer Advantage Guides.

Education: Kansas State University, MS and BS in Acctg.

Personal: Married to Mary ... Three children.


President and CEO, Intacct

Braun came aboard at Intacct at just the right time: The market has finally begun to recognize the appeal of the software-as-a-service model, and his extensive background in technology - including over 20 years with IBM - will help the company seize the moment.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, Intacct Corp., 2007-present ... CEO, Interim CEO Network, 2000-2006 ... General manager, Global Small Business Division, IBM, 1999-2000; general manager, Consumer Division, 1998-1999; to various GM positions, 1972-1993 ... Chair, Neuron Data/Blaze Software, 1998-2000; president and CEO, 1996-1998 ... President and CEO, Kaleida Labs (IBM/Apple joint venture), 1993-1996.

Other Affiliations: Chair, Callidus Software ... Board, Captara; Boardwalktech ... Trustee, TheatreWorks.

Education: University of Rochester, 1972, MBA; 1971, BA.

Personal: Born 1949, Albany, N.Y. ... Married to Leslie ... Two children.


Global vice chair for strategy, communications and regulatory affairs, Ernst & Young

Brooke has been prominent in restoring investor confidence and the profession's reputation, and in developing the social responsibility and diversity programs that have made E&Y a fixture of "Best Place to Work" lists.

Career Highlights: Global vice chair for strategy, communications and regulatory affairs, Ernst & Young LLP, 2002-present; Global Practice Management Group; Americas Executive Board; vice chair for strategy and corporate development, 2001; national director, tax consulting services, 1999-2000; national director, insurance tax services, 1991-1993; director, 1986-1991. ... Office of Tax Policy, Treasury Department, 1993-1995.

Other Affiliations: Inaugural Henry Crown Fellow, Aspen Institute ... Women Leaders Program, World Economic Forum ... Board member, TechnoServe; The White House Project ... Advisory Council, National Women's Leadership Hall of Fame; Open Compliance and Ethics Group.

Education: Purdue University, 1981, BS.

Personal: Born 1959.


President and CEO, FEI

Cangemi had a tough act to follow succeeding Colleen Cunningham as the head of FEI, but the E&Y and BDO veteran has kept his 15,000-member organization at the forefront of major financial reporting issues.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, Financial Executives International, 2007-present ... President, Cangemi Co. LLC ... President and CEO, Etienne Aigner Group Inc., 1999-2004; CFO, 1992-1999 ... Partner, BDO Seidman, 1988-1992 ... VP of IT, Phelps Dodge Corp., 1980-1988 ... Principal, Ernst & Young, 1970-1980 ... Assistant to the VP of operations, Blair & Co., 1967-1970 ... Clerk, Merrill Lynch, 1965-1967.

Other Affiliations: Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council ... Standards Advisory Council, IASB ... Chair, Audit and Governance Committees, NJ Reads Inc. ... IIA ... NYSSCPA ... Author, Auditing in an EDP Environment; Managing the Audit Function.

Education: Pace University, 1970, BBA.

Personal: Born 1948, Brooklyn ... Married to Maria ... Two adult children.


Wollman Distinguished Professor, Baruch College

One of the country's foremost authorities on auditing standards and financial integrity, Carmichael this year rose to the challenge of explaining the new risk assessment standards.

Career Highlights: Wollman Distinguished Professor, Baruch College, 1983-present ... Chief auditor and director of professional standards, PCAOB, 2003-2006 ... VP of auditing, AICPA, 1969-1983 ... Assistant professor of accounting, University of Texas, 1967-1969 ... Staff accountant, Arthur Wyatt, 1964-1966.

Other Affiliations: Founding director, Center for Financial Integrity, Baruch College ... American Accounting Association ... Illinois CPA Society ... NYSSCPA ... PICPA ... ACFE ... Co-developer of the PPC audit approach.

Education: University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign, 1968, Ph.D; 1964, MAS; 1963, BS.

Personal: Born 1941, Harvey, Ill. ... Married to Carol Schaller.


Publisher and editor-in-chief, TaxProf Blog

Caron has helped lead the profession's exploration of new media, and his blog, launched in 2004, is one of the most-visited tax blogs on the Internet.

Career Highlights: Charles Hartsock Professor of Law, University of Cincinnati College of Law, 1997-present; associate dean of faculty, 2007-present; director of faculty projects, 2002-2007; professor, 1995-1997; associate professor, 1993-1995; assistant professor, 1990-1993 ... Associate, Tax Department, Sullivan & Worcester, 1985-1990 ... Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit.

Other Affiliations: Publisher and editor-in-chief, Law Professor Blogs Network ... Series editor, Law Stories; Graduate Tax Series ... Author or co-author, Tax Stories; Federal Wealth Transfer Taxation; Federal Income Tax Anthology.

Education: Boston University, 1988, LLM Tax ... Cornell Law School, 1983, JD ... Georgetown University, 1979, AB.


Principal, Arxis Technology

A renowned expert on technology, Cieslak continues to speak on IT trends and how they impact the profession.

Career Highlights: Principal, Arxis Technology Inc., 1994-present ... Partner, Cieslak, Boynton & Speakman CPAs, 1985-1994 ... Financial analyst, Associated Financial Corp., 1984-1985 ... Senior accountant, Price Waterhouse, 1982-1984.

Other Affiliations: Chair, AICPA IT Executive Committee ... Chair, Sage Accpac Business Partner Advisory Council ... Past board member, ITA ... Council, CalCPA ... Past president, CalCPA Education Foundation ... Past chair, CalCPA State Technology Committee ... Associate instructor, K2 Enterprises.

Education: University of California - Los Angeles, 1982, BA Econ.

Personal: Born 1959, Binghamton, N.Y. ... Married to Michelle ... Two children.


Founder and Executive Committee chair, Intuit

Cook's leadership in listening to clients' needs has generated a culture of innovation that has made Intuit a leader in small business and tax prep software.

Career Highlights: Co-founder and chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit; president and CEO, 1983-1994 ... Consulting manager, Bain & Co. ... To brand manager, Procter & Gamble.

Other Affiliations: Board member, eBay; Procter & Gamble ... Board member, Intuit Scholarship Foundation; The Asia Foundation; The Center for Brand and Product Management, University of Wisconsin ... Dean's Advisory Board, Harvard Business School.

Education: Harvard University, MBA ... University of Southern California, BA Math/Econ.

Personal: Born 1952 ... Married to Signe Ostby ... Three children.


President and CEO, NASBA

Costello has spearheaded a state-by-state campaign for CPA mobility, while working to improve the development and administration of the CPA Exam.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, NASBA Center for the Public Trust, 2004-present; President and CEO, NASBA, 1994-present ... Executive director, Tennessee State Board of Accountancy, 1994 ... President and CEO, David A. Costello & Associates, 1991-1994 ... President, Specialty Chemicals, 1986-1991 ... Director of audit, Genesco Inc., 1969-1986 ... Auditor/consulting services, Ernst & Ernst, 1963-1969.

Other Affiliations: Audit Committee, Nashville Electric Service ... AICPA ... Tennessee Society of CPAs ... NYSSCPA ... President's Advisory Group, David Lipscomb University ... MAC Advisory Group, Vanderbilt University.

Education: Vanderbilt University, 1982, MBA ... David Lipscomb University, 1964, BA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1942, Nashville, Tenn. ... Married to Sally ... Five children, 14 grandchildren.


Chairman, NASBA

This CFO of paper giant Boise Cascade serves as chairman of NASBA as it works closely with the AICPA on updating the rules for the Uniform Accountancy Act, and on pushing for greater CPA mobility.

Career Highlights: Vice president and controller, Boise Cascade LLC, 2004-present; to director of financial reporting, 1994-2004 ... To senior manager, Arthur Andersen, 1981-1994.

Other Affiliations: Chair, NASBA ... Initial member, Standing Advisory Group, PCAOB ... Adjunct faculty, Boise State University ... Past president, Boise Public Schools Educational Foundation.

Education: American Graduate School, 1976, Master's ... Boise State University, 1981, BA ... University of Idaho - Moscow, 1975, BA.

Personal: Born 1951, Bonners Ferry, Idaho ... Married to Mona ... Five children.


Chairman, SEC

In one of the lengthiest to-do lists since Cox took over in 2005, the SEC approved Auditing Standard No. 5, okayed the consolidation of the NASD and the NYSE, and established an advisory committee to simplify financial reporting.

Career Highlights: Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission, 2005-present ... U.S. House of Representatives, 1989-2005; Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform, 1994-1995; chair, Task Force on Capital Markets ... Senior associate counsel to President Reagan, 1986-1988 ... Co-founder, Context Corp., 1984-1986 ... Lecturer, Harvard Business School, 1982-1983 ... Lawyer in private practice.

Education: Harvard Law School, 1977, JD; Harvard Business School, 1977, MBA ... University of Southern California, 1973, BA.

Personal: Born 1952, St. Paul, Minn. ... Married to Rebecca ... Three children.


President, Crosley+Co.

An in-demand practice management consultant, Crosley is also busy organizing a follow-up to this year's very successful Forum for Women in Accounting.

Career Highlights: Founder and president, Crosley+Co., 2001-present ... Executive VP of sales and marketing, AnswerThink Consulting Group, 1998-2000 ... Founder and president, Synchrony Networks, 1995-1998 ... VP of marketing, VoiceCom Systems, 1994-1995 ... Director of marketing and senior director of sales, MCI, 1989-1994 ... Independent consultant, 1987-1989 ... To marketing manager, IBM, 1975-1987 ... Price Waterhouse, 1973-1975 ... Arthur Andersen, 1972-1973.

Other Affiliations: AICPA ... Georgia Society of CPAs ... Ohio Society of CPAs.

Education: University of Akron, 1972, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1951, Cleveland ... Married to Steven ... Two children.


Founder and firm manager, E. Martin Davidoff & Associates

This chair of the National Tax Liaison Committee of the American Association of Attorney-CPAs makes his influence felt at the IRS and the Treasury, as well as with tax legislators.

Career Highlights: Founder and firm manager, E. Martin Davidoff & Associates CPAs, 1981-present ... Tax manager, Leonard C. Green & Co., 1980-1981 ... Tax senior, Richard A. Eisner, 1978-1980.

Other Affiliations: President-elect; chair and founder, IRS National Tax Liaison Committee, American Association of Attorney-CPAs ... AICPA ... Past trustee and VP, New Jersey Society of CPAs ... New Jersey State Bar Association ... Audit Committee financial expert, Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc. ... Middlesex County Bar Association.

Education: Washington University School of Law, 1978, JD ... Boston University Graduate School of Management, 1975, MBA ... Sloan School of Management, MIT, 1974, BS.

Personal: Born 1952, Suffern, N.Y. ... Married to Sheila Temkin Davidoff ... Two children.


Government relations chair, NAEA

Widely quoted in the media and a frequent testifier on Capitol Hill, Degen helps enrolled agents make sure their voices are heard on tax policy issues.

Career Highlights: Self-employed enrolled agent, 1983-present ... U.S. Tax Court practitioner, 2003-present.

Other Affiliations: Government relations chair, National Association of Enrolled Agents; past president ... IRS Advisory Committee ... New York State Society of Enrolled Agents ... National Tax Practice Institute.

Education: Johns Hopkins University, 1967, Master's ... Iona College, 1966, Bachelor's in Math.

Personal: Born 1944, New York City ... Married to Jane ... Three children.


Vice president of product and segment management, CCH

Dias is responsible for understanding the needs of customer groups and driving product and service development throughout CCH to meet those needs.

Career Highlights: Vice president of product and segment management, CCH; various roles over 25-plus years, including director of segment management; leader, global customer-focused initiatives, Wolters Kluwer Tax, Accounting & Legal; director of product management, ProSystem fx suite; product manager, ProSystem fx Tax.

Education: New Jersey City University, Bachelor's in Business Administration.

Personal: Two daughters.


Managing director, Investment Advisors Division, Raymond James Financial Services

Di Girolamo's division brings the investment advisory giant's services and resources to a wide range of independent financial planners, including many CPAs.

Career Highlights: Managing director, Investment Advisors Division, Raymond James Financial Services, 2001-present; chief compliance officer and senior VP, 1989-2004.

Other Affiliations: Share Advisory Council, University of Florida ... Past chair, Compliance Advisory Council, IAFP (now FPA) ... Past board member, National Society of Compliance Professionals.

Education: University of Florida, 1984, BS.

Personal: Born 1961, St. Petersburg, Fla.


Global CEO, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers

Now in his second term as global CEO, DiPiazza is active in promoting good governance worldwide.

Career Highlights: Global CEO, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2002-present; chair and senior partner, U.S. firm, 2000-2001; Americas leader for tax and legal services, 1998-2000 ... New York Metro MP, Coopers & Lybrand, 1994-2000; Midwest MP, 1992-1994; Firm Council, 1986-1992; partner, 1979; joined, 1973.

Other Affiliations: Trustee, International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation ... Chairman, Board of Trustees, The Conference Board ... Past trustee, Financial Accounting Foundation ... Co-author, Building Public Trust: The Future of Corporate Reporting ... Global chair, Junior Achievement Worldwide ... Chair, Audit Committee, WTC Memorial Foundation.

Education: University of Alabama, Acctg./Econ. ... University of Houston, MS Tax Acctg.

Personal: Born 1950 ... Married to Melody ... Two adult children.



Eighteen months into her role, Doon has helped the 30,000-member CalCPA pass a practice privilege bill, as well as maintaining its effort to promote financial literacy.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, California Society of CPAs, California CPA Education Foundation, CalCPA Institute, 2006-present; COO, 2005-2006 ... Associate executive director, California Teachers Association, 1979-2005 ... Auditor, Ernst & Young, 1976-1979 ... Controller, North American Reassurance Life Service Co., 1974-1976.

Other Affiliations: Past member, AICPA Council ... American Woman's Society of CPAs ... Financial Women's Association of San Francisco.

Education: University of San Francisco, Business and Accounting ... San Francisco State University, MA ... University of Hawaii, BA.


President, Dubinsky & Co.

Dubinsky is a pioneer of forensic accounting, one of its foremost practitioners, and a frequent speaker on the subject.

Career Highlights: President, Dubinsky & Co., 2006-present ... Partner, U.S. Data Forensics ... Partner, Klausner Dubinsky & Associates, 1993-2006 ... Tax manager, American Express TBS, 1990-1992 ... VP, Metropolitan Development Group, 1987-1990 ... Staff auditor to senior tax specialist, Grant Thornton, 1983-1986.

Other Affiliations: NACVA ... Ligitation and Forensics Board ... Washington Metropolitan Chapter of Certified Fraud Examiners, ACFE ... AICPA ... Contributing editor, CPA Digest ... Greater Washington Society of CPAs ... Institute of Computer Forensics Professionals ... Executive producer and permanent panelist, Business Focus.

Education: Georgetown University, 1986, MS Tax ... University of Maryland, 1983, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1961, Washington, D.C. ... Married to Lori ... Two sons.


Chairman, CEO and president, H&R Block

Ernst has focused on H&R Block becoming its clients' tax and financial partner, while maintaining its position as the nation's largest tax preparation firm.

Career Highlights: Chairman, H&R Block Inc., 2002-present; CEO, 2001-present; president, 1999-present; joined, 1998 ... Senior VP, American Express Co., 1986-1998 ... VP of syndication, Darwin T. Lynner Co., 1983-1986 ... Consultant, Coopers & Lybrand, 1980-1983.

Other Affiliations: Board member, H&R Block Foundation; Great Plains Energy; Greater Kansas City Area Chamber of Commerce ... University of Chicago Council on the Graduate School of Business ... Advisor, Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security.

Education: University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, 1986, MBA ... Drake University, 1980, BBS.

Personal: Born 1958, Bellevue, Iowa ... Married to Annette ... Two children.


President, AAM

Fauerbach leads the AAM's efforts to further the profession's marketing and sales efforts, organizing conferences to help accountants bring in more business.

Career Highlights: Director of business development and marketing, Smith & Gesteland LLP, 2001-present ... Marketing director, Virchow Krause, 1986-2001 ... Account executive, radio advertising sales, 1975-1977.

Other Affiliations: President, Association for Accounting Marketing ... Board vice chair, Forward Service Corp.; Wisconsin Forward Award ... Business School Advisory Board, Edgewood College ... Board, Fauerbach Brewing Co.

Education: Edgewood College, 2005, MBA ... Lakeland College, 1984, BS Business.

Personal: Born 1953, Madison, Wis. ... Married to Marianne ... Two adult children.


Incoming chair, AIPCA

As 2007-2008 chair of the AICPA, the 30-year veteran CPA will bring his extensive experience in quality control auditing and risk management to meeting the issues that impact its 340,000 members.

Career Highlights: To Americas vice chair, AABS Professional Practice and Risk Management, Ernst & Young LLP, 1976-present.

Other Affiliations: 2007-2008 Chair, AICPA ... Standing Advisory Group, PCAOB ... Transnational Auditors Committee ... Connecticut Society of CPAs.

Education: Kansas State University, 1976, MBA; 1974, BS.

Personal: Born 1952, Sabetha, Kan. ... Married to Vickie ... Two children.


Chairman and CEO, KPMG

Flynn smoothly steered KPMG out of troubled waters, and now gets to turn all of his attention to building the business both in the U.S. firm and - once his term as chair-elect of the international firm starts in October - around the world.

Career Highlights: Chairman-elect, KPMG International (beginning Oct. 1); chairman and CEO, KPMG LLP, 2005-present; vice chair of audit and risk advisory services, 2002-2005; vice chair of operations, advisory services, 2001-2002; vice chair, Office of e-Transformation, 2000-2001; vice chair of human resources, 1996-2000; partner, 1988; joined, 1979.

Other Affiliations: Trustee, FAF ... Treasurer, Partnership for New York City ... Board of Trustees, Carnegie Hall ... Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy.

Education: University of St. Thomas, 1979, BA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1956, Minneapolis ... Married to Susan ... Two children.


Executive director, Center for Audit Quality

In less than a year as executive director, the former securities lawyer and SEC deputy director has been the point person in raising the profile of the fledgling CAQ on such issues as Sarbanes-Oxley and corporate governance.

Career Highlights: Executive director, Center for Audit Quality, 2006-present ... Regulatory and conflicts management executive, Bank of America, 2004-2006 ... Deputy director, Division of Investment Management, SEC, 1999-2004 ... Senior associate, Derchert, 1996-1999 .... Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson, 1991-1996.

Other Affiliations: Washington, D.C., Bar ... American Bar Association.

Education: National Law Center, George Washington University, JD, 1991 ... Purdue University, 1985, BA.

Personal: Born 1960, Los Angeles.


CEO, Clifton Gunderson

As if heading a Top 15 firm weren't enough to keep George busy, he remains on the front lines of creating and promoting programs for financial literacy.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, Clifton Gunderson LLP, 1993-present; COO, 1980-1993; partner, 1976; joined, 1971.

Other Affiliations: Chair, National CPA Financial Literacy Commission, AICPA, 2004-present; 2006 National Summit on Retirement Savings; past board member; past member, Future Issues Committee, Strategic Planning Committee; past chair, MAP Committee ... Illinois CPA Society ... Indiana Association of CPAs ... College of Business Advisory Board, Ball State University.

Education: Ball State University, 1971, MA Mgmt.; 1970, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1947, Indianapolis ... Four children, six grandchildren.


Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration

George leads the independent arm of the Treasury that promotes fair tax administration and independent oversight of IRS activities.

Career Highlights: Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, 2004-present ... Inspector general, Corporation for National and Community Service, 2002-2004 ... Staff director and chief counsel, Government Management, Information and Technology Subcommittee, 1995-2002 ... Law practice, Kramer, Levin, Naftalis, Nessen, Kamin & Frankel ... Associate director for policy, Office of National Service, White House ... Assistant general counsel, Office of Management and Budget ... Prosecutor, Queens District Attorney. Education: Harvard University School of Law, JD ... Howard University, BA.

Personal: Born New York City.



As ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, Grassley plays a bipartisan role in drafting tax legislation.

Career Highlights: Ranking member, Finance Committee, U.S. Senate; past Finance Committee chair, 2003-2007, 2001; Joint Tax, Agriculture, Judiciary, and Budget Committees; elected, 1980 ... U.S. House of Representatives, 1974-1980 ... Assembly line worker, 1961-1971 ... Sheet metal shearer, 1959-1961 ... Iowa Legislature, 1958-1975.

Other Affiliations: Farm Bureau ... Masons ... Eagles ... Baptist Church.

Education: University of Iowa, Ph.D work ... University of Northern Iowa, 1956, MA Political Science; 1955, BA Political Science.

Personal: Born 1933, New Hartford, Iowa ... Married to Barbara ... Five children, nine grandchildren.


Executive director, NYSSCPA

The outspoken and often-controversial head of one of the largest CPA societies in the country has championed such issues as interstate mobility.

Career Highlights: Executive director, New York State Society of CPAs, 1998-present ... Executive director, N.Y. State School Boards Association, 1984-1998 ... Executive director, N.Y. State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, 1983 ... Assistant commissioner, N.Y. State Education Department, 1977-1983 ... Director of operations and special assistant, Office of State Secretary, 1975-1977.

Other Affiliations: American Society of Association Executives ... American Bar Association ... New York State Bar Association.

Education: University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, 1971, MPA ... New York University Law School, 1969, JD ... George Washington University, 1966, BA.

Personal: Born 1944, Pittsburgh ... Married to Barbara ... Two children, three grandchildren.


Vice president, Wilson Markle Stuckey Hardesty & Bott CPAs

One of the leading authorities on SOX, corporate governance and taxation, Hardesty's opinions and knowledge are valued by those in both government and private industry.

Career Highlights: Vice president, Wilson Markle Stuckey Hardesty & Bott CPAs, 1984-present ... Adjunct professor, Golden Gate University, 2000-present.

Other Affiliations: Advisory Board, Golden Gate University School of Accounting ... California Society of CPAs ... AICPA ... Author, Electronic Commerce: Taxation and Planning; Practical Guide to Corporate Governance and Accounting: Implementing the Requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2007 Edition; Corporate Director's Deskbook, 2007 Edition; Share-Based Payments: An Analysis of FASB Statement 123(R).

Education: Golden Gate University, 1984, MBA Tax; 1978, BA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1950, Portland, Ore. ... Married to Beth ... One daughter.


Managing partner, Plante & Moran

Hermann led Plante & Moran to record growth in 2007, and has overseen an expansion of its service lineup, reinforcing Plante's role as a major Midwest firm.

Career Highlights: Managing partner, Plante & Moran, 2001-present; group MP, 1995; office MP, 1982; audit partner, 1981; associate, 1977; staff member, 1972; proofreader, 1971.

Other Affiliations: AICPA ... Michigan Association of CPAs ... Board, Praxity AISBL ... Board, Economic Club of Detroit ... Management Board, Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan.

Education: University of Detroit, 1972, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1950, Detroit ... Married to Susan ... Four children.


Chairman, FASB

Besides its ongoing efforts at international convergence, Herz's FASB has found the time for a whole slew of other projects, including a fresh look at the basics of financial statements.

Career Highlights: Chairman, Financial Accounting Standards Board, 2002-present ... Senior technical partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers; board member, 1998-2002 ... Senior technical partner, Coopers & Lybrand, 1996-1998; partner, 1979-1996 ... Audit staff and senior, Price Waterhouse, 1974-1978.

Other Affiliations: Board, IASB, 2001-2002 ... Past chair, SEC Regulations Committee, AICPA ... Past chair, Transnational Auditors Committee, IFAC ... Past member, Emerging Issues Task Force; FASB Financial Instruments Task Force ... Co-author, The Value Reporting Revolution.

Education: University of Manchester, 1974, BA.

Personal: Born 1953, New York ... Married to Louise ... Two children.


Chief accountant, SEC

Since assuming the reins as chief accountant one year ago, Hewitt has been at the epicenter of a flurry of regulatory activity ranging from SOX relief for small filers to the passage of AS5.

Career Highlights: Chief accountant, Securities and Exchange Commission, 2006-present ... California superintendent of banking, and commissioner, California Department of Financial Institutions, 1995-1998 ... MP, Northern California, Ernst & Young, 1986-1995; MP, Seattle, 1979-1986; MP, Honolulu, 1972-1979 ... Captain, U.S. Air Force.

Education: Stanford University and Northwestern University, executive programs ... University of Southern California, graduate work ... University of Illinois, 1958, BS Finance and Banking.

Personal: Born 1937, Sheffield, Ill.


Founder, Liberty Tax Service

Hewitt's Liberty Tax Service continues to show record-breaking growth, with over 2,400 offices in the U.S. and Canada.

Career Highlights: Founder, CEO, president and chairman, Liberty Tax Service, 1996-present ... Founder, CEO and president, Jackson Hewitt, 1982-1996 ... President, Hewtax Software Development, 1981-1988 ... Regional director, H&R Block, 1980-1981; district manager, 1975-1980; tax preparer, 1969-1975.

Other Affiliations: Enrolled agent ... Co-founder, Stop Hunger Now.

Education: Attended University of Buffalo, 1967-1970.

Personal: Born 1949, Detroit ... Divorced ... Five children, nine grandchildren.


Executive vice chair, legal and compliance, KPMG

A former judge, Holmes occupies a high-profile position as symbol and guarantor of strong ethical and legal standards at the Big Four firm.

Career Highlights: Executive vice chair, legal and compliance, KPMG LLP, 2006-present ... Chief judge, Northern District of Oklahoma, 2002-2005; district judge, 1995-2002 ... Partner, Williams & Connolly, 1989-1995 ... General counsel and staff director, U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 1987-1989 ... VP, Baltimore Orioles ... Administrative assistant, Oklahoma Governor David L. Boren, 1975-1977.

Other Affiliations: Adjunct professor, University of Tulsa College of Law ... Tenth Circuit Judicial Council ... District of Columbia Bar ... Oklahoma Bar ... New York Bar.

Education: Georgetown University Law Center, 1987, LLM Tax ... University of Virginia Law School, 1980, JD ... Harvard University, 1973, BA.

Personal: Married to Lois Romano ... Two daughters.


Executive vice president and partner, K2 Enterprises

Johnston continues to be the go-to guy for the latest on accounting technology and software, fueling his popularity as a well-known consultant and speaker.

Career Highlights: Executive vice president and partner, K2 Enterprises, 1990-present ... Executive VP and partner, Network Management Group, 1983-present ... To department chair, Hutchinson Community College, 1977-1997 ... Programmer and system designer, Professional Data Services, 1978-1981 ... Programmer and system designer, Farmland Industries, 1977-1978.

Other Affiliations: Chairman, AICPA Technology Conference ... Author, Business Computing Systems; Technology Best Practices; Accounting Software Solutions; Paperless Office ... Committee member, Optimists International.

Education: Wichita State University, 1981, MCS ... Kansas State University, 1977, BS CS Math ... Hutchinson Community College, 1975, AA CS.

Personal: Born 1955, Hutchinson, Kan. ... Married to Pam ... Four children.


Shareholder, Brady Ware

Among the country's top firm administrators, the nationally known speaker, author and blogger on CPA firm management serves this year as chair of the AICPA's Practitioners' Symposium.

Career Highlights: Shareholder and director of administration, Brady Ware, 1978-present.

Other Affiliations: Chair, AICPA Practitioners' Symposium ... Ohio CPA Society ... New Horizon Group ... Past board member and president, Association for Accounting Administration ... Advisory Board, CPA Practice Management Forum.

Education: St. Mary of the Woods College.

Personal: Born 1946, New Paris, Ohio ... Married to Darrell ... One son; two grandchildren.


Managing director, RSM McGladrey Business Services

One of the first accountants to explore financial planning, Kessler remains an influential player on professional issues, particularly international standards for personal financial planning.

Career Highlights: Managing director, RSM McGladrey Inc. ... Senior tax partner, Goldstein Golub Kessler LLP; partner, 1970-present ... Partner, Rothstein, Kessler & Co., 1960-1970 ... Junior to senior, Klein, Hinds & Finke, 1952-1960.

Other Affiliations: Chair, Oversight of the Profession Committee, NYSSCPA; Awards Committee ... Member of Council, AICPA; Awards Committee; past chair, Business Succession Planning Conference ... Chair, ISO 222 Technical Committee ... Advisory Council, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Education: New York University, 1962, LLM ... Brooklyn Law, 1957, JD ... City College of New York, 1953, MBA ... Brooklyn College, 1950, BA.

Personal: Born 1929, Brooklyn, N.Y. ... Married to Isabel ... Three children.


President and CEO, PDI Global Inc.

One of the names in the profession that is synonymous with high-profile merger and consulting issues, Koltin counts 50 of the country's top 100 CPA firms as clients.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, PDI Global Inc., 1982-present ... Partner, FERS CPAs, 1982-1998 ... Director, Nakin, Schnoll, 1980-1982.

Other Affiliations: Founding member, The Advisory Board ... Author, Successful Merger & Acquisition Strategies; CPAs That Sell; How to Market a Consulting Niche ... Past or present board member, Outsource Partners International; BKD Financial Advisors; NACVA; HRB Business Service; AAM.

Education: University of Wisconsin, 1980, BS Acctg. and Marketing.

Personal: Born 1957, Milwaukee ... Married to Sharon ... Three children.


Vice president, Professional Standards and Services Group, AICPA

Landes oversees the technical activities of several key committees at the AICPA that draft professional standards, interpretations and guidance in important areas such as auditing.

Career Highlights: Vice president, Professional Standards and Services Group, AICPA, 2005-present; director of audit and attest standards, 2003-2005 ... Partner, Barnes, Dennig & Co., 1986-2003 ... Senior manager, KMG Main Hurdman, 1981-1986 ... Senior, Ernst & Whinney, 1978-1981.

Other Affiliations: American Accounting Association ... Past board member, Ohio Society of CPAs ... Past member, Auditing Standards Board, AICPA; past member, Audit Issues Task Force; past chair, Peer Review Committee of the PCPS.

Education: Bowling Green State University, 1978, MBA ... Miami University, 1974, BS.

Personal: Born 1952, Napoleon, Ohio ... Married to Peggy ... Two children.


Chairman and CEO, Jackson Hewitt

This industry veteran has grown Jackson Hewitt to more than 6,500 tax prep locations nationwide.

Career Highlights: Chairman, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc., 2004-present; CEO, 2003-present; CEO and president, 2003-2007; president and COO, 2001; executive VP, 1999-2001 ... H&R Block.

Other Affiliations: Board chair, Council for Electronic Revenue Communication Advancement.

Education: Florida State University, 1975, BS Acctg.

Personal: Married ... Three children.


Chief channel and strategy officer, Sage Software

Not only have Macdonald's channel programs inspired resellers, but Sage's high-profile "VAR evangelist" is now intimately involved in shaping its corporate strategy.

Career Highlights: Chief channel and strategy officer, 2007-present, Sage Software; executive VP of channel and sales operations, 2004-2006; senior VP of business partners and VP of partner development, Best Software (later Sage), 1998-2004 ... President and founder, Macdonald Consulting Group, 1989-1998 ... Director of MAS, Smith & Howard, 1987-1989 ... VP of finance, Resort Storage Management, 1985-1987 ... Manager, Policy Management Systems, 1981-1985.

Other Affiliations: Board, ITA ... Past board member, Southeastern Software Association.

Education: Yale University, 1977, BS.

Personal: Born 1955, Dallas ... Married to Cindy ... Four children.


Vice president of strategic marketing, TTA

Mackintosh devises and leads the marketing initiatives that have helped place TTA at the forefront of the accounting and tax prep industry.

Career Highlights: Vice president of strategic marketing, Thomson Tax & Accounting, 2006-present; director of product management, Creative Solutions, 2001-2003; Ultra Tax development manager, Creative Solutions, 1997-2001 ... Tax consultant, Price Waterhouse, 1994-1996.

Other Affiliations: AICPA ... American Marketing Association.

Education: University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 2001, MBA; 1994, BBA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1972, Owosso, Mich. ... Married to Craig ... One daughter, one newborn son.


CEO, J.H. Cohn

Marino has been busily acquiring or merging, adding three new firms this year while growing revenues 22 percent.

Career Highlights: CEO, J.H. Cohn LLP, 2002-present; MP, 1998; joined, 1969.

Other Affiliations: Chair, Western Hemisphere, SC International ... AICPA ... Tri-County Scholarship Fund ... Sussex Education Foundation ... Advisory Council, North Fork Bank ... Board, Somerset Hills Bank & Trust ... Advisory Board, Fairleigh Dickinson University ... Board, Foundation for Preservation of American Dreams.

Education: Rider College, 1969, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1947, Paterson, N.J. ... Married to Joanne ... Two children.


President and CEO, AICPA

With the relocation of the AICPA's operations division to North Carolina nearly complete, Melancon will turn his organization's full attention to such issues as CPA mobility and its 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy campaign.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs, 1995-present ... Executive director, Society of Louisiana CPAs, 1987-1995 ... Shareholder, Bergeron & Co., 1979-1987.

Other Affiliations: U.S. Delegation, IFAC ... American Society of Association Executives.

Education: Nicholls State University, 1983, MBA; 1978, BS.

Personal: Born 1958, Houma, La. ... Married to Patty ... One son.


Chairman and CEO, Robert Half International

With CPA firms and companies struggling to find warm bodies, staffing is crucial, and no one understands it better than "Max" Messmer, whose RHI is one of the oldest and most prominent accounting and finance staffing agencies.

Career Highlights: Chairman, president and CEO, Robert Half International, 1985-present ... President and COO, Pacific Holding Corp., 1982-1985 ... To partner, O'Melveny & Myers, 1970-1981.

Other Affiliations: Board, Health Care Property Investors Inc. ... Author, Fast Forward MBA in Hiring; various "For Dummies" titles, including Job Hunting; Managing Your Career; Motivating Employees; Human Resources Kit ... Past or present board member, San Francisco Symphony; CSF Medical Center Executive Council; Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Education: New York University School of Law, 1970, JD ... Loyola University, 1967.

Personal: Born 1946, Jackson, Miss. ... Married to Marcia ... Two children.


Vice president, Small Firm Interests, AICPA

Consistently named one of the most influential by the members of the T100 itself, Metzler speaks for and represents small and midsized firms at the AICPA.

Career Highlights: Vice president, Small Firm Interests, AICPA, 2003-present ... Co-founder, ConvergenceCoaching LLC, 2000-2003 ... Chair, GEMKO Information Group, 1995-2002 ... Partner, Gaines Metzler Kriner & Co., 1970-2002.

Other Affiliations: Past president, Buffalo Chapter, NYSSCPA ... Council of Accountancy, Canisius College ... Advisory Council, AAM ... Outside board, Perry's Ice Cream Co.

Education: Canisius College, 1972, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1948, Buffalo, N.Y. ... Married to Jean ... Three children, three grandchildren.


Chairman, FPA

Moisand is unafraid to take strong stands - even against the SEC! - for the 29,000 members of the FPA that he represents.

Career Highlights: Principal, Spraker, Fitzgerald, Tamayo & Moisand LLC ... Co-founder, Optimum Financial Group, 1997-2002 (merged with SFT&M).

Other Affiliations: Chairman, FPA; past president; past chair, Professional Issues Subcommittee ... Past member, CFP Board of Practice Standards ... Contributor, Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Advisor, Financial Planning, Advising Boomers ... Speakers Bureau, International CFP Council ... Past president, Central Florida Society of the Institute of CFPs.

Education: Florida State University, BS Finance.

Personal: Born 1968 ... Married ... Two children.


President and CEO, NetSuite

Software as a service is more than just a catchphrase - it's changing the face of business applications dramatically, and long-time NetSuite chief Nelson is at the forefront of this movement.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, NetSuite Inc., 2001-present ... McAfee/Network Associates, 1996-2001 ... Oracle, 1992-1996 ... Sun Microsystems, 1989-1992.

Other Affiliations: Board of Directors, NetSuite ... Patent holder.

Education: Stanford University, MA; BA.

Personal: Born 1961, Omaha, Neb. ... Married to Elizabeth ... One daughter.


President, Jay Nisberg & Associates

One of the pioneers of CPA firm consulting, Nisberg remains a force in the profession in his fourth decade of leading CPA firms on partner retreats and providing executive coaching.

Career Highlights: President and management consultant, Jay Nisberg & Associates Ltd., 1972-present.

Other Affiliations: Founder and former member, The Advisory Board ... Trustee, National Parks Trust ... Co-founder, Professional Alliance Group.

Education: Pacific Western University, Ph.D, Business Administration ... Detroit College of Law, non-degree program, 1968, Labor Relations Training; MA/Ph.D Combined Program, 1970, ABD ... University of Buffalo, 1968, BA Social Sciences.

Personal: Born 1946, Buffalo, N.Y. ... Married to Sally ... One child.


CEO and executive partner, Grant Thornton

Nusbaum has ushered Grant Thornton close to the $1 billion-in-revenue mark, and introduced a health care industry practice, a recovery and re-organization services practice, and the Latin American Tax Services Gateway.

Career Highlights: CEO and executive partner, Grant Thornton LLP, 2001-present; International Board of Governors, 2001-present; national MP, professional services; MP, Philadelphia; national director, assurance services, New York; chair, Capital Markets Committee; chair, Assurance Services Advisory Committee.

Other Affiliations: Past committee member, AICPA ... Advisory Council, FASB Small Business Advisory Committee... Past member, Auditing Standards Board ... Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce ... Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Education: Purdue University, 1977, MS Mgmt. ... Ohio State University, 1976, BS BA.

Personal: Born 1955, Cleveland.


President, H.D. Vest

Ochs' leadership is critical to H.D. Vest's position as one of the dominant broker/dealers serving the accounting profession.

Career Highlights: President, H.D. Vest Inc., 1999-present; president, H.D. Vest Advisory Services Inc., 1999-present; executive manager, sales and marketing, 1995-1999; manager, tech support, 1987-1995 ... Investment advisor, Prudential Bache, 1984-1987.

Other Affiliations: Independent Firms Committee, Securities Industry Association ... Texas Bar Association ... FPA ... National Association of Enrolled Agents ... Financial Services Institute CEO Advisory Council.

Education: Southern Methodist University, 1993, JD ... Trinity University, 1984, MBA (Finance) ... Angelo State University, 1983, BBA Marketing.

Personal: Born 1961, Liberal, Kan. ... Married to Amy ... Two children.


Vice president of taxation, AICPA

This voice of the AICPA for tax policy develops positions and liaisons with Congress, the IRS, the Treasury and private industry on tax-related issues.

Career Highlights: Vice president, AICPA, 2004-present ... Partner, Grant Thornton, 1981-2004 ... Manager/principal, Arthur Young, 1973-1981 ... Senior, Price Waterhouse, 1971-1973.

Other Affiliations: Virginia Bar Association.

Education: Georgetown University, 1979, LLM ... University of Virginia, 1971, JD ... Dartmouth College, 1968, MBA ... Wabash College, 1966, BA.

Personal: Born 1944, Aurora, Ill. ... Married to Denise ... Three children.


Chair, FASB Private Companies Financial Reporting Committee

As the recently installed chair of FASB's private financial reporting committee, O'Dell will work to issue definitive recommendations on the three-decades-old Big GAAP-Little GAAP debate.

Career Highlights: President, O'Dell Valuation Consulting LLC, 2002-present ... MP, Beucler Kelly & Irwin Ltd., 1988-2001 ... Staff to partner, various firms, 1974-1988 ... Semi-senior, Touche Ross & Co., 1972-1974 ... Medicare auditor, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa, 1971-1972.

Other Affiliations: Chair, FASB Private Companies Financial Reporting Committee ... Trustee, FAF ... Chair, PCPS Technical Issues Committee, AICPA ... CFO, several family-owned businesses ... Treasurer, Chestertown Arts League; Maine Media Workshops.

Education: Immaculata University, 1970, BA Econ.

Personal: Born 1948, Darby, Pa. ... Married to Douglas ... Five sons.


Chairman, PCAOB

The low-key chair of the PCAOB marked the fifth anniversary of Sarbanes-Oxley by launching AS5 to help ease the burden of compliance, even as the board's inspection regime settled in as a permanent part of the public accounting landscape.

Career Highlights: Chairman, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 2006-present ... Governor, Federal Reserve Board, 2001-2006 ... Staff director, Securities Subcommittee, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, 2000-2001 ... Partner, Ernst & Young, 1988-1999 ... President and CEO, Security State Bank, 1976-1988 ... Director, Minnesota District Office, Rep. Bill Frenzel; legislative assistant, 1971-1972 ... Officer, First Bank System, 1969-1971; joined, 1966.

Other Affiliations: Past president, American Bankers Association.

Education: Saint Olaf College, 1965, BA Econ.

Personal: Born 1943, Fergus Falls, Minn. ... Married ... Two children.


National Taxpayer Advocate, IRS

Olson's independent influence within the IRS is a help to both taxpayers and practitioners, keeping Congress up to date on issues affecting taxpayers, and providing suggestions to the IRS and Congress on improving tax administration.

Career Highlights: National Taxpayer Advocate, IRS, 2001-present ... Attorney at law, 1997-2001 ... Founder and executive director, Community Tax Law Project, 1992-2001 ... Owner, Accounting, Tax & Information Services, 1975-1991.

Other Affiliations: Past chair, Special Committee on Access to Legal Services, Virginia State Bar ... Past committee chair, American Bar Association ... Past adjunct professor, Georgetown University Law Center; Virginia Commonwealth University; College of William and Mary School of Law; University of Richmond School of Law.

Education: Georgetown University Law Center, 1994, LLM Tax ... North Carolina Central University School of Law, 1991, JD ... Bryn Mawr College, 1975, BA.

Personal: Born 1954, Philadelphia ... One child.


U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Paulson has been busy courting China, but he's found time to take aim at the burdens of corporate taxation.

Career Highlights: U.S. Treasury Secretary, 2006-present ... Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs, 1999-2006; COO, 1994-1998; co-head, investment banking, 1990-1994; MP, Chicago office, 1988; partner, 1982; joined, 1974 ... Assistant to John Ehrlichman, 1972-1973 ... Staff assistant, Secretary of Defense, 1970-1972.

Education: Harvard Business School, 1970, MBA ... Dartmouth College, 1968, BA English.

Personal: Born 1946, Palm Beach, Fla. ... Married to Wendy ... Two adult children.


CEO and managing shareholder, The Growth Partnership

As head of one of the profession's fastest-rising consulting organizations, the veteran marketing executive has helped swell The Growth Partnership's client portfolio to nearly 350 firms and 31 associations.

Career Highlights: Chief executive and managing shareholder, The Growth Partnership Inc., 1999-present ... Executive VP and director of consulting services, Waugh & Co., 1998-1999 ... Director of marketing, Rubin Brown, 1997-1998 ... Director of marketing, Smith & Gesteland, 1995-1997 ... Marketing officer, Norwest Bank Corp., 1994-1995; loan officer, 1991-1993.

Other Affiliations: Southern Illinois Ice Hawk Youth Hockey Association ... Coach, youth baseball ... St. Teresa Catholic Church.

Education: Creighton University, 1991, BSBA Mgmt.

Personal: Born 1969 ... Married to Cindy ... four children.


CEO, Tectura

A reigning leader as a Microsoft reseller, Petrzelka isn't slowing down the evolution of his ever-growing global services company.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, Tectura Corp., 2001-present ... President, Scitor Corp., 1992-2001 ... Worldwide VP of sales for government systems, and VP of systems integration, Control Data Corp., 1975-1988 ... U.S. Air Force, 1970-1975.

Other Affiliations: U.S. Air Force Academy Saber Society ... Founder, college scholarship fund for graduates of Prague High School.

Education: Santa Clara University, 1975, Master's in Applied Mathematics ... Air Force Academy, 1970, BS Math.

Personal: Born 1947, Wahoo, Neb. ... Married to Dianne ... Two adult children.


Senior vice president of finance and operations, AICPA

Beyond his normal broad portfolio of responsibilities, Pugliese has been instrumental in the institute's successful move to its new North Carolina office, where he is the ranking executive.

Career Highlights: Senior vice president of finance and operations, American Institute of CPAs, 2005-present; VP of business reporting and member specialization, 2001-2005; director of assurance services, 1998-2001; senior technical manager, SEC Practice Section, 1997-1998 ... Senior audit manager, Deloitte & Touche, 1989-1997.

Other Affiliations: CITP.

Education: University of North Florida, 1989, Bachelor's in Acctg.

Personal: Born 1967.


Chief auditor and director of professional standards, PCAOB

Ray oversaw one of the PCAOB's most important initiatives this year - the development of AS5, a "principles-based" standard for audits of internal control over financial reporting that should make complying with Sarbanes-Oxley easier for many.

Career Highlights: Chief auditor and director of professional standards, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, 2006-present; deputy chief auditor, 2003-2006 ... Partner, Department of Professional Practice - Assurance, KPMG LLP, 2000-2003 ... Director of audit and attest services, AICPA; joined, 1995 ... Audit professional, Grant Thornton LLP, 1983-1995.

Other Affiliations: Past chair, International Auditing Standards Subcommittee, AICPA; past member, AICPA Internal Control Reporting Task Force ... Past member, IAASB Quality Control Task Force.

Education: University of Wisconsin - Madison.


President, IIA

Richards leads over 130,000 internal auditors at a time when their function is more crucial - and more scrutinized - than ever.

Career Highlights: President, Institute of Internal Auditors, 2004-present; Board chair, 2001-2002; Executive Committee, 1998-2004 ... Director of internal audit, FirstEnergy Corp., 1997-2004 ... Director of internal auditing, Centerior Energy Corp., 1986-1997 ... General supervisor of internal audit, Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., 1980-1986; accounts payable supervisor, 1972-1980; accountant, 1969-1972.

Other Affiliations: Orlando Audit Board ... COSO Board of Directors.

Education: Baldwin-Wallace College, 1983, MBA ... John Carroll University, 1967, BSBA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1945, Ashtabula, Ohio ... Married to Marilyn ... Three children, four grandchildren.


CEO, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

Robert has led his company to new levels of innovation and product integration as it expands its suite of tax and accounting information and software solutions globally.

Career Highlights: CEO, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting, 2007-present; president and CEO, CCH, 2003-2007; president and CEO, CCH Tax Compliance, 2001-2003; VP and publisher, Federal and State Tax, CCH, 1999-2001; VP of sales and marketing, CCH Computax, 1988-1992 ... Account manager, Burroughs Corp., 1978-1981.

Other Affiliations: Adjunct professor of marketing, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.

Education: Pepperdine University, 1992, MBA ... University of New Orleans, 1978, BS Marketing.

Personal: Born 1956, New Orleans ... Married to Brenda ... Two children.


President, The Rosenberg Associates

A frequent speaker and author on such issues as partner compensation, Rosenberg also produces an annual MAP survey that is generally accepted as the barometer for practice management for midsized CPA firms.

Career Highlights: President, The Rosenberg Associates, 1994-present ... National director of management consulting, PDI, 1988-1994 ... COO, Friedman, Eisenstein, Raemer & Schwartz, 1982-1988 ... VP of finance, International Division, Mark Controls Corp., 1974-1982 ... Senior auditor, Ernst & Ernst, 1970-1974.

Other Affiliations: AICPA ... ICPAS ... Founder and publisher, The Rosenberg MAP Survey; The Management Catalyst newsletter ... Founding member, The New Horizons Group ... Leader, The North Shore Roundtable and the Wilmette Roundtable Groups.

Education: University of Illinois - Chicago, 1970, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1948, Chicago ... Married to Ellen ... Two children ... Chicago Cubs fanatic (still).


President, CCH

Newly appointed president of CCH, Sabbatis leads the company in its efforts to be a strategic partner to professionals, with a focus on innovative, integrated solutions for tax and accounting professionals.

Career Highlights: President, CCH, 2007-present; executive VP of sales and marketing, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting, 2002-2007; VP of business development, CCH Tax Compliance, 2002; division sales manager, CCH Computax, 1981-1992 ... Chief marketing officer, Advantage MOTI, Datamatics, 2001-2002 ... VP of business development and strategic accounts, Thomson Tax & Accounting, 1998-2001 ... VP of sales and consulting, CLR/Fasttax, 1992-1998.

Education: Cleveland State University, 1981, BBA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1958, Cleveland ... Married to Shay ... Three children.


CEO, Deloitte & Touche

Salzberg took over the reins at the biggest of the Big Four earlier this year, expanding his focus from the day-to-day operations he used to concentrate on as managing partner.

Career Highlights: CEO, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, 2007-present; MP and chair, Executive Committee, 2003-2007; leader, Deloitte Tax LLP, 2000-2003; national tax deputy MP, 1999-2000; group MP, 1996-1999; partner, 1985; joined, 1977.

Other Affiliations: New York State Bar Association ... AICPA ... NYSSCPA ... Board chair, YMCA of Greater New York ... Chair, Diversity Best Practices' CEO Roundtable Initiatives ... Board, Vanderbilt University Owen School; Jackie Robinson Foundation; Johnetta B. Cole Global Diversity & Inclusion Institute, Bennett College for Women.

Education: New York University School of Law, 1981, LLM Tax ... Brooklyn Law School, 1977, JD ... Brooklyn College, 1974, Acctg.

Personal: Born 1953.


President, Research & Guidance, TTA

Under Schlageter, Thomson's PPC, RIA and WG&L brands have experienced significant growth on the Checkpoint platform, providing research and workflow solutions to tax and accounting pros.

Career Highlights: President, Research & Guidance Group, Thomson Tax & Accounting, 2005- present; executive VP and chief operations officer, TTA, 2004-2005; business head, Thomson/RIA, 2002-2004; business head, Thomson/RIA Compliance, 2000-2002; VP of strategy, TTA, Thomson/West, 1997-1999 ... Associate, Poulson, Odell & Peterson, 1996-1997.

Other Affiliations: American Bar Association ... International Bar Association ... Colorado Bar Association ... Washington, D.C., Bar Association.

Education: University of Denver, JD; Master's in Int'l Management ... Cornell University, BA.


President, NCCPAP

Scott leverages NCCPAP's influence on tax law and policy in Washington to look out for the interests of small practitioners.

Career Highlights: Partner, Gruver, Zweifel & Scott LLP, 1981-present.

Other Affiliations: President, National Conference of CPA Practitioners ... AICPA.

Education: University of Miami, 1972, BBA.

Personal: Born 1950, Gouveneur, N.Y. ... Married to Patricia ... Three children.


Managing director, SS&G Financial Services

Long a firm leader worth imitating, Shamis this year once again demonstrated cutting-edge practice management by delegating his administrative and client service duties in order to serve in more of a "CEO-level capacity," focusing on long-term growth, practice development and succession planning.

Career Highlights: Managing director, SS&G Financial Services Inc., 1987-present ... Senior auditor, Page, Saltz & Shamis, 1981-1987 ... Senior auditor, Touche, Ross & Co., 1978-1981.

Other Affiliations: Managing partner, The Advisory Board ... Chair and founding member, The Leading Edge Alliance ... Columnist, CPA Magazine ... AICPA ... Ohio Society of CPAs ... President, Hillel ... Board member, Better Business Bureau; Anti-Defamation League; Cleveland Museum of Art ... President, Cleveland Jewish News.

Education: Ohio State University, 1978, Master's of Accountancy ... Tulane University, 1975, BS Biology.

Personal: Born 1953, Cleveland ... Married to Mary Ann ... Two children.


CEO and executive director, Texas Society of CPAs

The head of the 27,000-strong TSCPA helped usher in a mobility bill, recommend a series of changes to a state business tax and unveil a bilingual financial literacy program.

Career Highlights: Executive director and CEO, Texas Society of CPAs, 2000-present ... VP for state societies and regulatory affairs, AICPA, 1991-2000; director of communications and state society relations, 1988-1991 ... Executive director, North Carolina Association of CPAs, 1982-1988 ... Deputy executive director, FICPA, 1978-1982; manager of CPE, 1976-1978.

Other Affiliations: President, CPA Society Executive Association, 2006-2007 ... Peer Review Board, AICPA; past member, Strategic Planning Committee, Special Committee on State Regulation ... American Society of Association Executives.

Education: University of Florida, 1976, MBA ... Penn State University, 1972, BA.

Personal: Born 1950, Hershey, Pa. ... Married to Carolyn ... Two adult children.


President and CEO, IMA

With 63,000 members and growing, the IMA continues to boost the profile of management accountants, even as its outspoken chief crusades to persuade the profession to recognize that 93 percent of finance professionals work inside organizations and need appropriate education.

Career Highlights: President and chief executive, Institute of Management Accountants, 2005-present; interim executive director, 2004-2005 ... President, Focused Management Inc., 1988-2003 ... Global independent cost and performance management consultant.

Other Affiliations: Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, U.K. ... Past editor, Canadian Management Accounting Magazine ... Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Strategic Performance Management; Cost Management.

Education: Merchant Tailors ... High Wycombe Technical College.

Personal: Born 1951, U.K. ... Divorced ... Three children.


President and CEO, The Siegfried Group

Siegfried built a successful traditional firm - then completely altered its structure, adopting a radical new model that focuses on providing finance and accounting professionals to clients when they need them.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, The Siegfried Group LLP, 1988-present ... Audit manager, Ernst & Young, 1981-1988.

Other Affiliations: Financial Executives International ... AICPA ... Past VP, treasurer, Council member and co-leader, Practice Management Committee, Delaware Society of CPAs ... Board, Junior Achievement of Delaware ... Advisory Board, University of Delaware.

Education: University of Delaware, 1981, BS Econ.

Personal: Born 1959, Philadelphia ... Married to Kathleen ... Three children.


President, NABA

Skillern's goal of bringing more blacks into the profession dovetails neatly with the need for more CPAs, and has made NABA a much-sought-after partner for recruitment and professional development projects.

Career Highlights: Senior vice president and general auditor, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield ... VP, controller and VP of internal audit, Bass Hotels & Resorts ... Director of internal audit, Northwest Hub, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan ... Partner-in-charge, Western Region, Williams Adley & Co.

Other Affiliations: President, National Association of Black Accountants ... Past member, AICPA Group of 100 ... Marian House ... National Coalition of 100 Black Women.

Education: Stanford University, MBA ... University of California - Berkeley.

Personal: Single ... Two children.


CEO, Smart and Associates

The profession may have gotten a preview of the future of CPA firm financing when Smart recently raised an eye-opening $60 million in private equity financing for a recapitalization.

Career Highlights: Managing partner and founder, Smart and Associates LLP, Smart Business Advisory and Consulting LLC, 1988-2007 ... Tax manager, Bell Atlantic Corp., 1987-1988 ... Tax specialist, Coopers & Lybrand, 1985-1986 ... Internal revenue agent, IRS, 1980-1985.

Other Affiliations: Board, International Group of Accounting Firms ... Board, Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry ... Trustee, LaSalle University ... PICPA ... AICPA.

Education: LaSalle University School of Business, 1979, BA.

Personal: Born 1958, Philadelphia ... Married to Maryanne ... Seven children.


General manager, QuickBooks, Intuit

For the moment, Smith is charged with maintaining QuickBooks' market dominance - but come January, he's slated to succeed Intuit chief Steve Bennett.

Career Highlights: General manager, QuickBooks, Intuit Inc., 2005-present; VP and general manager, Accountant Central and Developer Network; general manager, TurboTax; joined, 2003 ... Senior VP of marketing and business development, ADP ... Various sales, marketing and management positions, Pepsi; Seven-Up; Advo Inc.

Education: Aquinas College, Master's of Mgmt. ... Marshall University, BBA.


President, Business Management Division, Sage Software

Smith moved this year from chief marketing officer to president of Sage's newest and largest division, with the charge of building on the success of some of its most recognized brands.

Career Highlights: President, Business Management Division, Sage Software, 2007-present; executive VP and chief marketing officer, 2001-2007 ... Chief marketing officer, Web Trends, 2000-2001 ... Chief marketing officer, Xerox Corp., 1998-2000; various positions to VP of corporate marketing, 1985-1998; 1984 Olympics manager, 1983-1985; PR manager, 1981-1983.

Other Affiliations: Board, Output Links Inc.

Education: University of Redlands, 1980, BS.

Personal: Born 1957, Chicago.


President, RSM McGladrey

Having broached the $1 billion-in-revenue mark by mergers, Tait is now looking to fire up growth organically, with new firm structures, teams and processes.

Career Highlights: President, RSM McGladrey Business Services Inc., 2003-present ... Executive VP of sales and client operations, Gartner Group, 2001-2003; senior VP of worldwide sales, 2000-2001 ... CEO and president, Xerox Connect, Xerox Corp., 1999-2000; VP, 1996-1999.

Other Affiliations: Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Education: Edinburgh Business School, Herriot-Watt University, 2005, Master's ... Coventry University, 1982, Honors degree in business studies.

Personal: Born 1959, Basingstoke, Hampshire, U.K. ... Married to Wendy ... Two daughters.


Corporate vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions

Something of a surprise appointment, Tatarinov has big shoes to fill in succeeding Doug Burgum as the man in charge of MBS - but he brings 20 years of design and management experience in the global software industry.

Career Highlights: Corporate vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions, 2007-present; head, Management and Solutions Division, Microsoft; joined, 2002 ... Senior VP and chief technology officer, BMC Software, 2000-2002; VP of corporate development; joined 1994 ... Co-founder, chief architect, and head of research and development, Patrol Software (acquired by BMC), 1991-1994.

Other Affiliations: Board member, U.S. Fund for UNICEF, Texas Chapter.

Education: Houston Baptist University, MBA ... Moscow University of Transport Engineering, Master's Diploma in Systems Engineering.

Personal: Raised in Moscow ... Certified ski instructor.



Turf's group of fee-only planners has been extremely active in speaking out for greater investor protection, particularly when it comes to advisors' fiduciary duty.

Career Highlights: CEO, National Association of Personal Financial Advisors; joined, 1991 ... Stay-at-home mother, 1978-1991 ... Office manager and communications support, Libco, 1972-1978.

Other Affiliations: American Society of Association Executives ... Past president, Women's American Organization through Rehabilitation and Training.

Education: Kendall College.

Personal: Born 1952, Chicago ... Married to Dennis ... Two daughters, two granddaughters.


Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young

Besides maintaining his firm's dedication to integrity and being a "Best Place to Work," Turley remains active in promoting both the profession and the ongoing movement toward convergence of global accounting standards.

Career Highlights: Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young LLP, 2001-present; deputy chairman, 2000-2001; regional MP, 1994-2000; leader, entrepreneurial services practice, 1993-1994; client service, St. Louis, 1990-1994; national director, client services and business development, 1987-1989; partner, 1987; joined, 1977.

Other Affiliations: Board member, Boy Scouts of America; Catalyst; National Corporate Theater Fund ... Trustee, Rice University.

Education: Rice University, Master's; BA Acctg.

Personal: Born 1955 ... Married to Lynne ... One adult son.


Tweedie Chair, IASB

Tweedie's influence continues to expand as cooperation on the development of accounting standards grows between the IASB and FASB.

Career Highlights: Chair, International Accounting Standards Board, 2001-present ... Visiting professor of accounting, Edinburgh University Management School ... Chairman, Accounting Standards Board (U.K.), 1990-2000 ... National technical partner, KPMG Peat Marwick McLintock, 1987-1990 ... National technical partner, Thomson McLintock & Co. (merged with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co.), 1982-1987 ... Technical director, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, 1978-1982.

Other Affiliations: Chairman, U.K. Auditing Practices Committee, 1989-1990 ... U.K. and Irish representative, International Auditing Practices Committee, 1983-1988.

Education: Edinburgh University, 1969, Ph.D; 1966, B.Com.

Personal: Born 1944 ... Married ... Two sons.


President and CEO, Genworth

Vasquez goes the distance to make his broker/dealer the "partner of choice" for independent financial professionals - and so far it's got over 2,400 of them.

Career Highlights: President and CEO, Genworth Financial Investment Services, Genworth Financial Securities Corp. and Genworth Financial Advisers Corp., 2004-present ... VP of business development, GE Financial Assurance, 2000-2004; transactor, Structured Finance Group, GE Capital Services, 1998-2000; VP of finance, GE Asset Management, 1995-1998 ... Assistant VP of finance, Kidder Peabody, 1992-1995 ... Financial supervisor, Societe Generale Financial Corp., 1987-1992.

Education: Fordham University Graduate School of Business, 1997, MBA International Finance ... Kean College of New Jersey, 1987, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1965, Queens, N.Y. ... Married to Michelle ... Two daughters.


CEO, Sage Software

Having overseen a major internal overhaul that includes two new divisions, Verni promises to get closer and more in line with Sage's customers to keep the company on pace to reach $1 billion in revenue this year.

Career Highlights: CEO, Sage Software Inc., 2000-present ... President and CEO, Peachtree Software, 1996-2000 ... VP of marketing, ESD, Automatic Data Processing, 1994-1995 ... VP, general manager, NCF Division, and president, NEBS Software, New England Business Service, 1988-1994 ... General manager, ASTEC Division, Micros Systems Inc., 1985-1988 ... Founder, Applied Software Technology, 1979-1984 ... Founder, Group 470 Enterprises, 1972-1978 ... Sales engineer, General Cable Corp., 1971-1972.

Other Affiliations: Board, Sage Group plc ... Board of Advisors, Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University ... Past board member, Software and Information Industry Association.

Education: Clarkson University, BS.


U.S. Comptroller General

The comptroller general has been on a whirlwind "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour," warning the country of the impending financial catastrophe that looms ahead from the troika of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Career Highlights: Comptroller General of the U.S., U.S. Government Accountability Office, 1998-present ... Partner and global managing director of human capital services, Arthur Andersen, 1989-1998 ... Assistant secretary, Department of Labor, 1985-1989 ... Acting executive director, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 1983-1985 ... Director of practice management, Coopers & Lybrand, 1975-1979 ... Senior staff auditor, Price Waterhouse, 1973-1975.

Other Affiliations: AICPA ... Board, International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions ... Chair, Intergovernmental Audit Forum ... Chair, Advisory Board, Center for Continuous Auditing ... Principal, Joint Financial Management Improvement Program ... Founder, U.S. Joint Auditing Standards Coordinating Forum.

Education: John F. Kennedy School of Government, 1986, SMG ... Jacksonville University, 1973, BS.

Personal: Born 1951, Birmingham, Ala. ... Married to Mary ... Two adult children, three grandchildren.


CEO, FiveStar3

The noted trainer's group has grown at a scorching pace this year, as accountants flock to his leadership training programs and conferences.

Career Highlights: CEO, FiveStar3 LLC, 1991-present ... Senior VP, Jacques Miller, 1983-1991 ... CEO, Advantage Cos., 1975-1983 ... Audit manager, Price Waterhouse, 1969-1975.

Other Affiliations: Author, Power Up Your Profits; 101 Marketing Strategies.

Education: University of Southern California, 1973, MBA ... University of Tennessee, 1969, BS Acctg.

Personal: Born 1944, Savannah, Ga. ... Divorced ... Two sons.


CEO, BDO Seidman

Weisbaum's third year at the helm has vindicated his strategy of eating the Big Four's lunch, with BDO claiming the largest net gain in SEC clients and extraordinary growth rates.

Career Highlights: Chief executive officer, BDO Seidman LLP, 2004-present; chairman and acting CEO, 2003-2004; partner and executive director of specialized services, 1982-1983 ... Partner, Benjamin Nadel & Co., 1968-1983; staff accountant, 1958-1968.

Other Affiliations: American Jewish Congress ... New York Institute of Credit ... B'nai Brith.

Education: Hofstra University, 1964, BBA.

Personal: Born 1940, Bronx, N.Y. ... Married to Mary ... Three children, two grandchildren.


Co-founder and owner, ConvergenceCoaching

This peripatetic lecturer and author is known for the practice management coaching she offers accounting and technology firms.

Career Highlights: Co-founder and owner, ConvergenceCoaching LLC, 2000-present ... Co-founder, Success Strategists, 1999-2000; 1995-1997 ... National director, Financial Solutions Group, BDO Seidman, 1997-1999 ... VP of sales and customer services, State of the Art, 1989-1995 ... Regional sales manager, Pro Systems, 1984-1988.

Other Affiliations: Facilitator, Robert Half International Financial Leadership Council, 2007 ... Workload Compression Task Force, AICPA, 2005-2007; chair, Tech Committee, 2002-2004; Tech Planning Committee, 1999-present ... American Marketing Association ... Association for Accounting Administration ... Association for Accounting Marketing Education ... Founding member and board member, ITA.

Education: University of Nebraska - Omaha, 2002, BS Marketing.

Personal: Born 1964, Hahn Air Force Base, Germany ... Married to Brian ... Three daughters.


Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher

Besides advising groups like FASB on financial reporting and securities and accounting fraud, Young is the author of The Financial Reporting Handbook and the recently updated Accounting Irregularities and Financial Fraud.

Career Highlights: Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, 1990-present; associate, 1981-1990.

Other Affiliations: Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council, FASB ... Law and Accounting Committee, American Bar Association ... New York City Bar Association.

Education: Duke University School of Law, 1981, JD ... Allegheny College, 1978, BA.

Personal: Born Wiesbaden, Germany ... Married to Leslie A. Carroll ... Two children.

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