Vena Solutions’ software now enables integrated planning

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Vena Solutions’ Excel-based, online enterprise management software now enables integrated planning functionality. The software release includes support for collaboration across departments, improved modeling for business users, and new data discovery and analysis capabilities.

For collaboration, Vena offers improved report books and automated report distribution through PowerPoint and Excel, along with document embedding and collection features to facilitate business planning decisions.

Vena also now allows users to drill further into data, and has improved search functionality and page option viewing with detailed audit trail data.

Another key part of integrated planning functionality is modeling for finance users, and Vena now lets users manage process variables by viewing and editing processes without having to open separate templates for each process.

"A primary reason companies don’t use integrated planning capabilities is user adoption of new technology,” explained Rishi Grover, chief solutions architect and co-founder of Vena Solutions. “Our great benefit is we integrate Excel as a user interface, which is familiar and comfortable for users. Vena's latest integrated planning features help companies minimize change management, increase time to value and realize benefits more quickly.

“Integrated financial planning is a best practice that is often discussed but rarely fully realized,” Grover added. “Today’s release offers new features designed to help companies overcome the most common roadblocks to adopting the practice.”

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