Vertex integrates its tax software with SAP Hybris

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Vertex’s tax software solution now integrates with SAP Hybris, an e-commerce platform for businesses. The integration is designed to enable sales and use tax calculations and returns within the Hybris suite.

A key functionality now enabled within SAP Hybris by Vertex is address cleansing, a process that converts addresses formatted in different ways to a single, unified format. This is performed so that each transaction is assigned to the proper tax jurisdiction.

Paul Beirnes, director of strategic partnerships at Vertex, characterized Hybris’ software platform as participating in a larger trend of “using data about customer preferences” to “create personalized experiences.” Enabling smart processes to automatically identify tax jurisdictions is part of that effort.

Vertex’s tax solutions are available in on-premise, hosted or SaaS deployment environments. For more information on the Vertex integration for SAP Hybris, click here.

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