Xero releases plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

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Xero HQ, Xero’s software platform that brings all clients and contacts together into one place whether they use Xero or not, is now available as a plug-in in Microsoft Outlook.

Practices using Microsoft’s email tool can save emails featuring pertinent information directly into a client record in Xero HQ. Once downloaded, the Xero HQ plug-in appears in the top right corner of every email. Users can select any attachments they wish to record, and add tags such as GST, general enquiry, or custom tags they've created within Xero HQ, to make it easier to find down the track. The email is then saved directly to the client notes record in Xero HQ, where all staff can access it.

“Cutting out and preventing administrative burden is very important for all accountants and bookkeepers, and enables them to focus on the work that brings value to their clients, “ said Neill Fraser, Xero HQ product marketing manager. “This integration puts the right tool in the hands of the right people, to ensure that staff no longer need to worry about where important emails, information and attachments are filed.”

Xero has some new app partnerships in the works which it is preparing to announce in the coming months.

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