A Love Song for the IRS

A singer known as Remy has written a tongue-in-cheek love song revolving around the Internal Revenue Service’s recent scandals involving its loss of emails from Lois Lerner, the former director of the IRS’s Exempt Organizations unit.

The musical number, "What Are the Chances (An IRS Love Song)," was performed at an event in July called FreedomFest and was posted Saturday by the libertarian Web site Reason.com.

On Friday, the IRS admitted that it has lost emails not only from Lerner, but from five other IRS employees involved in the investigation whose hard drives also supposedly crashed. It still isn’t clear whether backups exist somewhere of Lerner’s emails since there have been conflicting accounts about this. Some lawmakers have even asked the National Security Agency to try to see if it has copies of the missing emails.

Now investigators will have five more people whose old laptops will be scoured for the missing communications.