The Web series Nacho Punch recently posted a funny new video for Tax Day satirizing trailers for romantic comedies, this one involving an accountant named Beth and a hapless taxpayer named Ben who fall in love over his taxes.

The fictitious movie, entitled “Beth & Taxes,” includes Ben’s friend asking him, “Man, you haven’t done your taxes in years. Why now?”

“I will give you three reasons, De Angelo,” says Ben. “IRS.”

When they first run into each other at Beth’s office, Ben is carrying a boxful of documents. “You sure have a lot of 1099s,” Beth tells him.

“What can I say?” Ben quips. “I’ve always been an independent contractor.”

As they fall in love, Beth confesses, “Ever since I was a little girl, April 15 has been my favorite day of the year. I’ve never told anyone that before.”

But they have to overcome hurdles like different tax brackets, hidden assets and a competing tax preparer named Lev Goldberg.

You can check out the rom com video below.