AccountantsWorld president Chandra Bhansali visited the WebCPA and Accounting Today offices on Friday to discuss the company’s cloud computing services for accountants, which are now being packaged together at a discount.

They include Accounting Relief client write-up, Payroll Relief payroll processing, Practice Relief practice management, CyberCabinet document management, Website Relief website builder, PFP Relief personal financial planning, Directory Listing on a list of accounting firms, and After-the-Fact Payroll processing and tax filing. They’re being sold together as the Power Practice System for $195 per month for the first year for an unlimited number of clients, or $1,950 for a full year.

AccountantsWorld is also providing a full refund if, after the first year, an accountant’s business isn’t better. That’s just for accountants who make a commitment to pay $1,950 for the full year, though. Bhansali said that no customers have yet asked for a refund.