AccountantsWorld CEO Dr. Chandra Bhansali visited the offices here today to explain why accountants need to start flexing their muscles more.

He and his wife Sharada have co-written what they call a “black and white” paper about how accountants are being exploited by large companies that use them to get to their clients, and then try to cut the accountants out of the deal. “Accountants have become no more than marketing channels for these companies,” said Dr. Bhansali. “We never sell directly to your clients. You are never in danger of losing control.”

The Bhansalis made some interesting points about some of their rivals in the accounting and payroll software market, and they pointed out that their services are sold only to accountants. They have a new initiative called Mighty Accountant to emphasize the untapped power they see among practitioners, especially those who service small businesses.

They are also selling a package of AccountantsWorld’s Web-based software for a $149 monthly fee. The Power Practice Suite includes after-the-fact payroll, write-up, trial balance, document management, Web site construction, practice management, personal financial planning and other types of software.

Dr. Bhansali said the suite is attracting interest from some accountants who have been laid off recently from larger firms and are striking out on their own now, as well as more established practices. They’re offering a one-stop shop for newly independent practitioners, and they’re encouraging accountants of all varieties to recognize the tremendous clout they have with their small-business clients.