Accounting Degree Review, a provider of information on accounting degree programs and other accounting-related topics, have released their 2015 affordability rankings for online master's degrees in accounting. The rankings highlight the thirty most affordable online accounting schools based on tuition and fees for out-of-state students enrolling in the 2014-2015 academic year. (MBA degrees were not considered.)

"Many different types of schools are represented in the rankings," said Dee Barizo, editor of Accounting Degree Review, in a statement. "There are public and private schools. There are nonprofit and for-profit institutions. Some schools have all their programs online; these tend to have very large online enrollments. Others only have a few programs online and they have much lower numbers of online students as a result. Some schools do not have programmatic accreditation but others are accredited by top accrediting organizations including AACSB." "This is great news for prospective accounting students," Barizo continued. "Not only can they save time and gain flexibility and convenience from online learning, but they have many different low cost options to choose from for their education needs." The tuition and fees of all ranked schools are under $24,500, with the average price just under $19,000. American Military University and American Public University tied for first place with price tags of $12,650. (Both schools are members of the American Public University System.) Western International University earned third place, notably reducing its tuition by more than half in 2013 to a current tuition of just $12,800. For the full list and more information about each ranked school, head to Accounting Degree Review.