Accountingfly, the online job board and networking site focused on accounting careers from internships through experienced hires, has launched a new free webinar series, with the first webinar premiering this Thursday, April 16, at 2:00PM EDT.

The weekly series is structured to provide career advice and guidance on a wide range of topics, ranging from proper business etiquette to hands-on advice and insights from accounting practitioners and human resources professionals at top 100 firms.

“I am beyond excited about this initiative," stated Accountingfly CEO Jeff Phillips. "The accounting profession has many different career opportunities and people at each stage of their career have questions that need to be answered.”

“Looking for a job is an emotional experience,” Phillips continued, “and our goal is to make it easier for professionals at all levels to figure out where they will get the most out of their jobs. Big firm or smaller firm? Private or public? Finding a new position in a different geographic area. The top five things students need to know as they embark on their accounting careers. These are some of the topics our webinars will cover. It’s very fulfilling to play a role in helping people succeed.”

The webinar series is being led by Deanna Laird, Accountingfly’s National Director of University Services, who noted that input from the audience is welcomed. “Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions,” she stated, “but in this forum they don’t have to be. All questions are important, especially for new graduates who are making the leap from student to working professional—one of the biggest life challenges they ever will face.”

To register for the first webinar, 'Accounting Student to Professional: Keys to a Successful Transition," premiering April 16 at 2:00PM EDT, head to the event's site here.