Payroll giant ADP was one of the vendors on hand Wednesday evening at the Pepcom Digital Experience mini trade show in New York.

The company showcased a new mobile human resources application that employers and employees can use. ADP senior director and mobile product manager Steve Roth told me that the product will provide employee self-service functions. They will be able to access HR, payroll and benefits information from a smart phone, so they can check a recent pay statement, 401(k) balance, and even clock in and out of work.

ADP Mobile is initially going to be available for Android devices this summer, but it will also be rolled out for the iPhone once Apple approves the app.

This isn’t ADP’s first mobile product, of course. The company recently introduced a mobile version of its Run payroll product, but that is aimed more at payroll professionals such as accountants, allowing them to supervise payroll processing remotely (see ADP Provides Android Access to Run Payroll).