The AICPAand CIMA announced the launch of a new professional learning and development website today for the more than 140,000 CGMAs around the world.The AICPA | CIMA Competency and Learning website will equip them with the competencies required to maintain and improve their skills in today’s business environment.

The site features more than 1,500 articles, publications, videos, webcasts and self-study courses to support lifelong learning for CGMAs. Based on the CGMA Competency Framework, which was created in conjunction with employers across the world to define the technical, business, people and leadership skills necessary for today and tomorrow, the website identifies the skills demanded by employers in an increasingly fast-paced business world. CGMAs can recognize gaps in their learning using the site’s self-assessment tool and develop their competence from basic levels to expert.

“Yesterday’s knowledge will not reveal tomorrow’s opportunities,” said Arleen Thomas, the AICPA’s senior vice president for management accounting and global markets, in a statement. “The future belongs to those businesses that are able to quickly adapt, innovate and change, The AICPA | CIMA Competency and Learning website gives CGMAs a robust source for just-in-time knowledge and learning fit for our ‘need to know it now’ world.”

The website also provides flexible access to all of its learning resources, allowing CGMAs to discover and develop new competencies when, where and how they want. CGMAs can easily track and report progress toward their personal, professional and regulatory goals, allowing them to take control of their career development.

“Business has become increasingly global, complex and uncertain,” stated Cesar Alvarez, CIMA’s head of professional development products and services. “Demand has never been higher for skilled professionals who are up-to-date with new trends and ways of working. The AICPA | CIMA Competency and Learning website identifies the needs of employers and allows CGMAs to identify any gaps in their knowledge, enhance their skills and advance their careers.”

Head to the Competency and Learning site here.