On Wednesday, the AICPA announced the agenda for the 2015 E.D.G.E. Conference. Now in its fifth year, the conference serves as the official conference for young CPAs. This year’s conference will be held in San Antonio from August 5 – 7.

The 2015 E.D.G.E. (Evolve, Distinguish, Grow, Engage) Conference offers emerging professionals a unique opportunity to further enhance their skills and knowledge and help take their careers to the next level. Attendees will be challenged to think critically about their personal skill set and learn how to maximize opportunities to create value for themselves and their organizations.

E.D.G.E. is aimed at CPAs and practitioners with three to fifteen years of experience working in public accounting and business and industry. To create the E.D.G.E. experience, conference organizers planned highly interactive engaging sessions led by experienced leadership and communications professionals. Technical and practical sessions on the latest topics in the profession will be led by CPAs who have embarked upon their own E.D.G.E. journey. Five optional pre-conference workshops, three special early riser sessions and two receptions offer additional opportunities for attendees and presenters to connect and deepen the sense of community.

Where: Omni La Mansion del Rio Hotel, San Antonio, Texas (Advanced registration is required).

When: Wednesday Aug. 5 – Friday Aug. 7, 2015 

Keynote Presentations from:

  • Tommye Barie - Chair of the AICPA
  • Barry Melancon - President and CEO of the AICPA
  • Tom Hood - CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs Inc. and Business Learning Institute
  • Dr. Tasha Eurich - principal, The Eurich Group
  • Geni Whitehouse - Countess of Communication, Even a Nerd can be Heard

The conference features 37 sessions, including “How to Get to "Yes" in Negotiations,” “Empower through Curiosity Instead of Answers,” “Networking: The Single Best Way to Boost Your Career,” “Communicating with Conviction and Listening with Leadership,” and “Taming the Fire Hose: Making Social Media Work for You.”
Topic highlights include career guidance and success skills, essential communication skills for career success, leadership and developing yourself and others within the accounting profession.

A full agenda and conference brochure are available online here.