AICPA announces free, four-part web series on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

TheAICPA announced on Wednesday that they will be offering a free, four-part webcast series on creating a more inclusive workplace in the accounting profession. Dubbed "The Workplace Inclusion" series, the webcast is a continuation ofan earlier seriesonunconscious bias. 

The series is open to both AICPA members and the public. The first part will premiere on Thursday, Aug. 18, from 1-2 pm ET.

“Inclusive work environments result in an engaged and high performing workforce, which in turn create high performing organizations,” stated Anthony Newkirk, senior manager of Diversity Initiatives at the AICPA. “This webcast series is will help people understand why creating inclusive environments is a business imperative and give them the skills they need to be change agents in their own organizations.”

The series comes at a time when the U.S. Census projects that more than 50 percent of all Americans are projected to belong to a minority group by 2044.

The AICPA’s National Commission on Diversity and Inclusion will be hosting the webcast series, as part of their effort to build an accounting profession more reflective of the communities they serve.

The Workplace Inclusion webcast series consists of the following four parts. One hour of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) will be available for each webinar in the series:

1) “Understanding Diversity and Inclusion”
  - This session will provide a deep examination of what diversity and inclusion actually mean, offering language and models that can be applied to organizations. Thursday, August 18, 1-2pm ET.

Presenter: Joe Gerstandt, diversity and inclusion consultant, author of the bookSocial Gravity:Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships

2) “Inclusion Versus Assimilation”  - This session looks at the most common and fundamental barriers to providing an inclusive workplace experience, offering participants individual and organizational practices to implement. Thursday, September 15, 1-2pm ET.

Presenter: Joe Gerstandt.

3) “Diversity 101: Building a Basic Understanding of How Diversity and Inclusion Has Evolved”- This session provides an overview of the definition of diversity, inclusion, cultural competence, and strategic diversity management, teaching best practices that can be put in place.  Wednesday, October 19, 1-2pm ET.

Presenter: Dr. Shirley Davis, president and CEO, SDS Global Enterprises.

4) “Why Diversity and Inclusion are Good for Business”- This session will explain how utilizing diversity and inclusion can help create a competitive advantage through an employer’s brand, employee development, performance management, and engagement and retention. Thursday, November 17, 1-2pm ET.

Presenter: Dr. Shirley Davis.

The webcast series is just one tool in the AICPA's recent diversity efforts, includingThe Recruitment and Retention ToolkitandInclusion Solutions, a free monthly newsletter on best practices in diversity and inclusion.

For more on "The Workplace Inclusion" series or to register, head to the AICPA'ssite here.

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