AICPA Engage: A 'Let's Get Radical' round-up

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Have you ever had a vision for something totally cool?

You work really hard, you overcome a few obstacles, you partner with great people and somehow its turns out better then you could have ever imagined?

That was my live radio event at the AICPA Engage conference in Las Vegas.

Typically, I throw a really cool party. But this year I decided to do something different especially since this year's conference was combining six events in one. And you know I'm on the conference planning committee right?!

Liz Gold, former AT editor (and owner of Rhino Girl Media) and I brought our radio show/podcast on the road. It was more coordinating and work than I realized as I thought to myself how do I get myself into these things? Oh yeah, I volunteered.

But it was also a new experience for me creating 33 interviews over two days - talk about a content creation marathon. We nailed it and I learned so much about financial planning, audit technology, practice management and even geopolitics interviewing all our wonderful guests who included thought leaders, executives, product managers and most importantly, firm owners.

Some of the firm owners told us it was their favorite part of the conference. How cool is that?

You can hear all of the interviews here.

Here is a Facebook Live round-up of some of my favorites (although they were really all so good!):

Financial Planning:

Tax, Accounting & Audit:

I haven’t even mentioned all the financial planning and other marketers and thought leaders we were able to connect with.

Check out all the interviews and get the latest information and trends on what's happening in accounting, tax, audit and financial planning!

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